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I've been dealing with a faulty Alert Mode for over a year. The alert mode will automatically disable itself. I have talked to support and have attempted all suggested fixes, some of which are pretty involved. I finally gave up and disabled Bitdefender firewall and purchased another brand firewall program. Now a new and even more bizarre behavior: Bitdefender firewall will re-enable itself, which disables my new Firewall program in the process. Any ideas? I am about to cry, uncle, and purchase Norton.


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    Hi @timbermark

    I've never tried disabling Bitdefender's firewall for extended periods of time before, or permanently, as I also have a Antivirus Plus subscription for that purpose. I don't know if support suggested this, but what you can try is to Password protection your settings. Set up your password, disable the Firewall, and see if that makes Bitdefender hold the setting better.

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  • Scott,

    That is a great idea. I will give that a try. It makes enough sense for me to have some hope. I'll keep you updated.

    Much appreciated.


  • Scott,

    Just following up. Your ideas seems to be working. Since I applied a password, the firewall alert setting has not changed. That is the longest I remember that the setting is stable. Thanks again for your suggestion. The support did not recommend that option. Thanks again.

  • Update: Unfortunately, I spoke too soon. Although less frequent, Bitdefender continues to disable firewall Alert Mode, thus, covertly diverting my choice to permit or block applications. In this case, it will bypass the security option of a password required for settings modifications. That is a huge no-no for a security app. My remedy: Installed Norton. Love Bitdefender for many reasons, but Norton too is a decent security app but with better stability and QA IMO. I've been working with this issue for too long and bypassing my password security was the last straw.

  • This is unacceptable, the alert mode is the most important function in Bitdefender for my utilisation. It just stopped working one day without warning.

    I had 2 years left on my licence but I can't trust this tool anymore. I spent the entire day looking for an alternative. I specifically tried to avoid Norton but I gave it a try in the end and it just works. Go to settings and disable Automatic program control. You get alerts whenever something new wants network access. as it should.

    Also I was unable to sign in when I tried reinstalling Bitdefender, couldn't even create a new account, unacceptable. I give up. Good luck guys.

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    Hello @xxxo,

    As far as I know, there have been isolated cases where this happened, but whenever this behavior is observed, it should be reported through Support, as the engineers can help fix it.

    As for the Central login issue, a password reset might do the trick, if not, this needs to be reported to Support as well.

    Creating a new account will not work, because the email address is already registered and if you use a new email address, this will not be linked with your active Bitdefender subscription. The Bitdefender product needs to communitcate with the subscription/license from the Central account, as this is where it gets its configuration and validity from.

    Should you reconsider Bitdefender, my recommendation would be to get in touch with the Support teams to sort out the subscription/license and make an inquiry about the status of the Alert Mode feature as well.

    If not, regardless of your antivirus of choice, stay protected.

    Good luck to you as well.



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    Thx for the reply. Since I didn't change anything on my system in the past year, I am blaming a faulty update. If it happened once, not just to me since I found posts about this issue dating back to 2019, I'll take a wild guess and say that even if the support manages to help me fix it now, it may happen again in the future. Trust is broken and in the case of security software it's especially aggravating.

    I know that making a new account will not carry over my subscription, I was just stating that the log in window wouldn't let me do anything, just totally broken. I wasted an entire saturday trying to fix it, I'm done. The alternative that I found is working.

  • It's sad to see people abandon a great security app due to attention to issues. I battled and reported that problem for 18 months; I tried every recommended trick in the book. I continue to use BD on my laptop--using up my subscription--but not my main desktop. I needed more control and stability with my security on the home machine. I resorted to using Norton and Malwarebytes (passive mode). Norton does a great job, but I originally moved to BD because Norton is a most irritating marketing machine--consistent spamming! I only have to pick my poising: annoying or broken?. :/