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How to successfully Manage Exceptions?


Hello community,

I need help because I could not successfully add an .exe file in the Manage Exceptions list. It keeps on quarantine-ing the file (after my Windows 10 restart) even though all exceptions are checked (Advanced Threat Defense, Online Threat Prevention and All Antivirus checks). Also, in the Quarantine Settings, I checked for create exception for restored files.

What frustrates me is that I could not restore it back to C:\Program Files anymore, even though I am the administrator.

Thank you community if there is a real way out of this (or Bitdefender manages to make the settings work).

Best Answer


  • Yes, this works so far. Temporarily disabling of protection while adding the exceptions seems to work. I have rebooted Win 10 with no detection so far. I will update if there will be any more detection of this particular file. Thanks!