Support for Dev Drive and Performance Mode for Bitdefender

Windows Defender is getting a separate Performance Mode when it comes to Dev Drive in the upcoming versions of Windows. I can see that in VMs, it does make a performance difference when dealing with large datasets using Python and SQL Server.

Is Bitdefender planning to introduce any features to speed up development work in trusted environments, like inside a Dev Drive? With Bitdefender, I occasionally experience slowdowns, particularly with first time builds/executions of my code. However, the entire process, including subsequent builds are marginally faster with Bitdefender Shield completely turned off.

Is there any plan in the roadmap to introduce any features analogous to the Performance Mode for Windows Defender?


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    As of now, Bitdefender does not have a separate Performance Mode for Dev Drive. However, there is a workaround that you can use.

    1) Create a separate partition on your hard drive for your Dev Drive.

    2) Format the partition as NTFS.

    3) In Bitdefender, go to Settings > Antivirus > Vulnerability.

    4) Under Media Autorun, select the Exclude Dev Drive option.

    5) This will prevent Bitdefender from scanning your Dev Drive, which will improve performance.

    Bitdefender has not yet announced any plans to introduce a separate Performance Mode for Dev Drive. However, they are constantly updating their software, so it is possible that they will add this feature in the future.

    Here are some of the benefits of using a separate Performance Mode for Dev Drive:

    1) Improved performance when working with large datasets.

    2) Reduced latency when accessing files on the Dev Drive.

    3) Increased stability when running applications on the Dev Drive.

    If you are a developer who needs to work with large datasets, then you may want to consider using a separate Performance Mode for your Dev Drive. This can help to improve performance and stability, which can make your development workflow more efficient.


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