Messenger behavior - app anomaly?

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All the links I click inside messenger lead me to a scam page.

Is this considered an app anomaly and should the app anomaly detection in Bitdefender detect and block this kind of behavior please?

Or is there another solution for this?




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    The link should be detected as malicious by the Scam Alert feature:

    More info can be found here:


  • That's all activated but it's not detecting it.

    The thing is, it's not a malicious link that's being sent in the chat.

    It's when I open it that messenger redirects me from the correct website to a scam page.

  • Hello @Niko303,

    We can look further into this if you can provide me some examples of URLs with which this happens and also tell me if you have Messenger and the browser installed from an official store (Google Play). Please send me the links in a private message, as posting malware samples and /or URLs is not allowed in the community, as per our forums' guidelines.

    If you open legitimate links and end up with a scam page, it definitely means something is not right. Kindly note that if the links are legitimate, there's not much we can do with this information alone. But if the links are indeed infected, the mobile security researchers can figure it out. So, the first step would be to have a look at those links and you can just share the ones you feel comfortable with, privately.