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With wallet going away, how can I get password manager with my Armor subscription? I see it listed on the page as one of the included features. The Netgear community support hasn't been forthcoming, . To quote DoctorJay, "The Armor subscription page doesn't have the Password Manager subscription available. Does anyone have any information on installing and using Password Manager with the Armor install of Total Security or will it be separate?"

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    According to the Netgear community support thread you linked, Bitdefender Password Manager is replacing the Wallet in Armor's Total Security. However, it is not yet available on the Armor subscription page.

    To get Password Manager with your Armor subscription, you can:

    1) Contact Netgear support to inquire about the status of Password Manager for Armor subscribers.

    2) Wait for Password Manager to be made available on the Armor subscription page.

    3) Use a different password manager, such as Bitwarden, 1Password, or LastPass.

    If you choose to use a different password manager, you can still use your Armor subscription for other features, such as antivirus protection, web filtering, and parental controls.

    Here are some additional details about the difference between Bitdefender Wallet and Bitdefender Password Manager:

    1) Bitdefender Wallet is a password manager module that comes with Bitdefender Total Security. It is only available on Windows and does not offer master password recovery options. Also, on April 5, 2023 bitdefender discontinued the bitdefender wallet and shifted to bitdefender password manager.

    2) Bitdefender Password Manager is a standalone password manager that is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. It offers a variety of features, including autosave & autofill, password generator, password quality check, search & delete password duplicates, and master password recovery options.


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    As far as I'm aware, Password Manager is unavailable for Netgear Armor.