How come bitdefender didn't find the trojan.html.agent.wr malware on my PC?

I became aware of an issue when I opened the Outlook app on my PC and emails from my inbox started auto-deleting (I didn't have any archiving rules set up), and then messages started to appear asking if I was sure I wanted to grant access to 'transfer' certain files (that I wasn't trying to transfer).

I suspected a virus so I did a full Bitdefender system scan and it found 7 issues; 6 of which it cleaned/resolved and 1 that it could not resolve which was the trojan.html.agent.wr

My questions are

  • How come Bitdefender hadn't already found and highlighted/cleaned the 7 issues? For context I only got my PC 3 months ago and installed Bitdefender the same day I bought the PC. All 7 of the issues it found after I did a full scan were related to Outlook including Trojan.genericKD malware (which it cleaned after the scan) and the trojan.html.agent.wr which I had to manually delete.
  • Now that all 7 issues seem to have been cleaned does that mean I am in the clear, or could these malware have already stolen personal data from my PC? Should I now change all passwords etc (I don't want to have to do this as I have so many online accounts)?

Thanks in advance for any help

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