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Why am I unable to save my Bitdefender Central password in the Bitdefender Password Manager?


I have recently signed up to Bitdefender (BD) and saved my randomly generated password in the BD password manager.

I then tried out the "secure me" feature in the password manager.

I was logged out of everything, as expected.

Now in order to log back into my password manager I must first log into BD Central. But the password for BD Central is safely stowed away in the BD password manager........... see the issue here??

I cannot log back into the password manager because I cannot obtain the password for BD Central.

This is a huge redundancy in the password manager system and, seeing as the entire point of a password manager is to only have to remember ONE password, it makes the BD password manager pointless, in comparison to its competitors.

Why wouldn't I just use another password manager (like Bitwarden, for example) to remember my BD Central password, along with every other password!