Password manager @android


Hello, i just bought the password manager because i already had the antivirus from bitdefender. But the password manager refuses to work on brave or chrome browsers..

I really want to use this app because it makes everything so much more safe and i would love it!!! IF someone could tell me what i am doing wrong.

I have been to settings for both brave and chrome "password manager" but only thing i can do is turn it off or on! I dont have the choice to setup some other app.. So.. What can i use the password manager for really? IF it does not on mobile i might as well get my money back cause that was the whole point. But i dont want to i really want to give it a chance as i am also using it on my computer.

Thanks in advance guy!

Yours, Iou ❤️And i love the app, no bullshit! I just really really want it working :)