Bitdefender Password Manager (v1.3.0) on Android 14 not functional

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Hi all,

I recently purchased Bitdefender Premium Security Plus and set up everything on my notebook, including VPN and the password manager. Everything works fine.

Then I went over to my Google Pixel 7a on Android 14 and tried to set up the password manager via the app (v1.3.0). I installed the app from the Play Store, but I cannot get it to work at all.

The app opens and asks me to log in with Bitdefender via "".

I then get to the vault unlock screen where I have to enter the master password (I set this up when installing the chrome extension on my notebook).

Then, one of three things happens:

  • wrong masterpassword: it notifies me that the master password is wrong.
  • correct password (with diagnostic data box unchecked): it returns me to the "enter password"-screen from the previous Bitdefender login, with the password still filled in
  • correct password (with diagnostic data box checked): app crashes and prompts me to send feedback. If I send feedback, the app crashes/closes, if I just wait a few seconds it returns me to the bitdefender login screen (with password still filled in).

I tried to delete the app, reinstall it and I restarted the phone multiple times.

Anyone have any suggetions? Thank you very much!

This feature is a must have for me and heavily influenced my choice of antivirus software. So far I am heavily disappointed and feel stupid for not taking the warnings in the play store serious enough.

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  • Hi,

    thanks for the answer.

    I searched the German forum for an answer but then decided to post on the English forum for a wider audience without looking here. My bad.

    @Alexandru_BD 's answer gives me hope that this can be resolved, I just hope there is a fix before my previous antivir subscription runs out and I don't have to go look for another.


  • Nearly a month later I have the same problem on my Moto G Power (2020 - Android 11). I received an email response from Bitdefender Support three days ago. I followed the instructions; nothing worked. I responded accordingly two days ago and have received nothing else in response. (For what it's worth, this problem occurred right after I had inadvertently logged out of the app.)

  • Hi @TJHart2010,

    Based on my findings, this is an isolated issue and the developent teams are currently gathering more information on this behavior. You haven't received a new reply on the open case because the inquiry has been escalated further and is pending a response.

    I hope the situation gets resolved swiftly.