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Change scan frequency/time of day?


BD scans my incredibly run down Galaxy s9 a lot, and it uses enough overhead that it sometimes disrupts other active apps. Like I said, it's an old phone far enough into end of life that it already struggles with basic functionality here and there.

I don't need my storage scanned 2-3 times per day. I probably don't even need it scanned once a day, but I'd be satisfied if I could set BD to scan once a day at night, when my phone is locked and I'm asleep.

Does BD mobile have this functionality? Either to change scan frequency or to schedule scans for a specific time of day? I don't see this anywhere if so, but I've never used an antivirus that both performed automatic scans and didn't have these features so I'm hoping I missed something. Thanks.


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  • Gjoksi
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    You didn't miss something.

    For now, there is no option to set the scan frequency, as it is automatically set.

    By default, Bitdefender Mobile Security will scan your device's internal storage, including any mounted SD card. This way, any dangerous apps that might be on the card can be detected before they can cause harm.

    To disable the Scan Storage setting:

    1. Tap More on the bottom navigation bar.

    2. Tap Settings.

    3. Disable the Scan Storage switch in the Malware Scanner area.



  • Liobet
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    Hi brian2,

    What is your Bitdefender security version?

    Go to the About... thread, the version figures are there.

    Then at the bottom of the text there is a link " contact us".

    Do not hesitate to ask BD support there. Tell them your specs.



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  • My BD Mobile Security is version, which Google Play thinks is up to date. The phone itself is using android 10.

    So I should take this question and contact support? Is this the wrong place to ask a question about app functionality?