Can't activate my subscription

I've just made a subscription to 1 x Bitdefender Family Pack but my Bitdefender Central still only show my Bitdefender Total Security

How do I activate the Family Pack?

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  • prathers
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    For others who ends up in the same, here is the result from support:

    Regarding the situation encountered, please follow the instructions below to move the devices on the other subscription: - Visit and sign in to your Bitdefender Central account. 

    - Once you’re logged in, on the left-hand side of the page click on the My Subscriptions section. This is where you’ll manage your subscriptions.

    - Inside the My Subscriptions panel, you’ll see a list of your subscriptions. Find the subscription from which you want to transfer devices and click on the Manage devices button associated with that subscription.

    - You will now see a list of all the devices currently using the selected Bitdefender subscription. Click on the Change option below the device that you want to reallocate to a different subscription.

    - After clicking Change, you will be presented with several options to choose from. Select the Change allocation to […] option, then click the Change allocation button to confirm the modification. This action will assign the device to the desired Bitdefender subscription.


  • Gjoksi
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    ONLY Bitdefender staff can have access to your Bitdefender Central account, your devices, your payments/purchases and/or your subscription(s).

    So, you should contact Bitdefender Consumer Support by chat, telephone or e-mail:

    Chat is the fastest way to get in touch with Bitdefender Consumer Support.

    Select: Purchase & Manage Subscription -> My Bitdefender Central Account, click on Contact Support in the black box and then click on Chat 24/7.

    NOTE: Bitdefender telephone support is not toll-free!


  • Well done @prathers, thanks for sharing!