Can't access Disney+ while VPN is active no matter what (in Canada)

I saw this brought up here from last year but I can't find any solution, and everything else I've been trying isn't working.

I can't access the Disney+ library when my VPN is active no matter what. I think it is registering me as a US account even though I've been reconnecting to different locations across Canada. I can see the full library immediately as soon as I turn off my VPN, but then I have to have it off for whatever else I'm doing online if I want a movie/show playing on a separate screen. Last week I could access everything normally with my VPN on the whole time, I haven't changed anything since but I'm not sure why the bug is appearing now.

Has anyone else had this issue recently? Did you find a fix? Is there a way I can check my VPN account if there's an update available I should download?

Any help appreciated, thanks!

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