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Does Bitdefender for Mac have a firewall?

Brant Contract Specialist/Project Manager Analyst

I followed the installation video and set up my Anti Virus for Mac, but when I was looking in the system settings under Network it said that the firewall was inactive? Is this the firewall built into the MAC or is Bitdefender using its own? I turned on the firewall under the network settings for the time being.

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  • Steck1108
    Steck1108 Defender of the month

    The MAC-OS firewall function and the firewalls of each security software are common, but since they are software firewalls, if possible, it is recommended to use the hardware firewall function (IP filtering, IDS, etc.) of the upper communication device (router, etc.)

    I think it would be better to control unauthorized communication using filtering, etc., since it would reduce the load on the terminal.