No definition updates in two days for Antivirus for Mac

Just letting the mods know that this has recurred again. Since we are used to twice daily updates, this is an unexpected behavior. Suspect the issue on the server end, since no issue connecting to the server, but am just told I am "up to date."

Nothing urgent, but since this has occurred in the past, wanted to make the team aware.


  • Hello @sleepdoc,

    Based on my findings, the latest definitions update was at 2024-01-12 04:12:17 for mac. The available data shows that updates were successfully carried out, so I'm not sure what happened in your case..

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  • It did update late last night. Thanks!

  • Good to hear this, thanks for following up. 👍️

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  • And once again, to the brink. Last update for 1/29 9:21 am eastern time US; we are now 52 hours after that thereabouts. Requesting that the software Update threat information database show that "Antivirus for Mac is up to date." So it isn't an issue with connecting to the server where the definitions are.

    I wish I had a better sense of when to reach out for assistance. I feel like this happens 1-2 times per month and then it catches up. Maybe I should be waiting 3-4 days? I have no real preference..... just wish I knew.

    Is there a place online where I can see when the most recent thread database updates for the program were published?

  • Hi @sleepdoc,

    The latest update timestamp is 2024-02-01 07:34:06.

    The threat database updates are not published online, only the major updates are available at this location:

    I also publish the changelogs for the latest builds on this thread:

    Going forward, I can't really say what could be the reason behind the delays you are experiencing. But I think the Support engineers could help identify the root cause. Should you wish to contact them and make an inquiry about this, you can use the link below:

    Scroll down to state your contact reason, then choose from the available contact channels, chat, phone and email/ticket. Chat would be the fastest way to reach them.

    Let me know how it goes, I'm very curious to know what's going on there as well.



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  • Will try this again. I have tried before and all they recommend is an uninstall / reinstall. But I tried that and it hasn't permanently fixed the problem. And then the problem resolves itself after a few days. But I will try again and report back. Thanks!

  • And it finally updated this morning at 937 am eastern. I am so confused. I'll let you know what the support folks say :P

    As always, I appreciate you!!!

  • Thank you for following up @sleepdoc. And for your appreciation. 🙂

    We do our best here to come up with answers, but this time I couldn't find anything wrong with the definitions update timestamp and I did ask around, so maybe there's something else that's delaying the updates in your case.. please do let us know what the Support teams advise.

    Enjoy Bitdefender and keep in touch on the forum.



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  • Pleonasm
    Pleonasm ✭✭✭

    FYI: I also noticed an absence of threat information database updates from 29 JAN through 1 FEB 2024, using Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac ( on macOS 14.3.

    @Alexandru_BD, please ask the appropriate Bitdefender team to consider publishing an online log of the threat information database updates, to allow users to determine when updates have been issued. (Thank you.)

  • Well it is reassuring that it isn't just me, at least. I am also on 14.3 with version, on a 2023 iMac M3.

    Normal updating today FWIW

  • Back again with a recurrence. Last update 19 FEB 11:21 AM eastern US time. Currently 45+ hours later with requests to update showing "Antivirus for Mac is up to date". No error in reaching the server noted.

    The support team sadly didn't offer much in the way of feedback, saying the updates are staggered and roll out differentially based upon location and operating system. Also didn't offer any feedback on what would be a long enough gap between definition updates that would warrant reaching out again.


  • Hi @sleepdoc,

    Yes, the Support teams no visibility of the update rollout status, but these are indeed carried out based upon location, batch and OS. I can tell you that the latest definitions update on macOS took place earlier this morning.

    I've made another inquiry about this, to see if I can find out what could be causing the delay in your case.



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  • Same Issue here.

    No update for 3 days in the UK.

  • Thanks @Canard1066

    Now more than 72 hours myself.

    @Alexandru_BD - It sounds like this may actually be a more prevalent issue than is being actively reported; it seems likely that many users will not keep an eye on their updates. Of course, you are the expert. But I wish the rest of the support team weren't as dismissive as they seem to be of this problem. Just because it has always resolved itself in the past after a few days doesn't mean there isn't a bug in the system somewhere that should be squashed.

  • And I'd be curious to see if @Pleonasm has also had a recurrence over this time frame.

  • Ok, so I did some digging and found out that there are still some issues on the arm location and this affects some intervals when the updates are not uploaded fast enough. I don't know exactly the technical reasons behind this, and sometimes it takes time to fix them, but the developers assured us that their main focus is to prevent this from happening again in the future. I regret the inconvenience caused by this delay.

    Thank you everyone for sharing your feedback here. 👍️


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  • That is incredibly valuable information. Glad to hear that we may have identified a root cause!

    as of 130 am eastern us time this morning, I did receive an update!

  • Pleonasm
    Pleonasm ✭✭✭

    @sleepdoc, I also noticed an absence of threat information database updates on 20 FEB, 21 FEB, and 22 FEB 2024; using Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac ( on macOS 14.3.1. In addition, three errors are present in the Notifications log ("error code -1011") over this period.

    Updates are now occurring successfully (23 FEB).

  • @Pleonasm

    Thanks. Sounds like you and I (and presumably @Canard1066 ) are linked by this bug. Perhaps that will help the team sort it out.

    Happy Friday everyone!