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Mocking Location



I'm new to Bitdefender VPN and wondering if there is an option to mock my location. I know I can change the location but this isn't the case. I mean even after changing the location, I still see some ads. I've enabled both ad blocker and anti tracker, but it seems that they are not real things!

My previous experience was with Windscribe. It had an option that when I turn it on, I didn't see any kind of ads, somehow it's like I was nowhere.

I'd like to know if I could have the same experience with Bitdefender as well.

Thank you


  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @danyal_jo0o0n and welcome to the community!

    In most cases ad blocker and anti-tracker will do the trick, but there's one more thing to consider, if you are using Chrome, for example (I think this may apply to other browsers as well):

    Your Google services account has information about you since you created the account. Google also makes some correlations, it doesn't serve you content based only on your geo ip.

    Clearing the cache etc. may help and the VPN paired with ad blocker and anti-tracker should be sufficient to fend off those annoying ads. Also, keep in mind that there are two anti-trackers, the browser extension that blocks trackers that collect your data when browsing and the ad blocker & anti-tracker available in the VPN that blocks ads and trackers for the entire duration of the VPN connection not limited to a specific browser.

    I also recommend Ublock Origin to block ads.



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