I bought a new laptop and says VPN is not available in this platform. Is there a way to download it?

I subscribed with VPN. It was all fine with my Windows 10 PC but now I bought a new laptop with Windows 11 and when I try to download VPN, it says it's not available on this platform? Is there a way to download it? Thanks.


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    @Geri19 ,

    Welcome to the Bitdefender Forums. I have two Windows 11 Pro computers. Both have VPN Premium installed as part of my Bitdefender Premium Security Licence.

    Could you please provide some details about how you are trying to install it? Are you using Bitdefender Central? What Bitdefender products have you purchased?

    If this is some kind of subscription issue, @Alexandru_BD , our Forum Administrator, might be able to assist you or Bitdefender Customer Support.

    Chat is the fastest way to reach them. Telephone support is not toll-free, and you also have an email option.

    Please keep us posted. Have a great day.



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  • Hello,

    This doesn't sound like a subscription issue.. @Geri19 do you also get the message 'The app you are trying to install isn't a Microsoft- verified app' by any chance? Otherwise, bring up Bitdefender and go to the Privacy window and click on VPN and let us know what happens next. Also, ensure that your operating system is up to date with the latest updates and patches. If you are still encountering difficulties when trying to install the VPN, head to link provided by @garioch7 above, to get in touch with Bitdefender Support for a more in-depth investigation on the affected device.

    Let us know what was causing this, if possible, I haven't encountered this error message before.



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  • Thanks @garioch7 and @Alexandru_BD. I have Bitdefender Central installed on my new laptop. My OS is Windows 11 (not Pro). I've got a subscription for Bitdefender security, VPN, Password Manager, and Parental Control included. With my other devices (including another PC - Windows 10) - I managed to install VPN.

    I took off my laptop's S mode as it won't allow me to download Bitdefender at the beginning but all it was after after except for the VPN which says it's not available to download on this platform.

    I'll try to get in touch with the support team from the link you provided. Hopefully, they can help. Thanks.

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     @garioch7 and @Alexandru_BD, I tried to open the Bitdefender app and click Privacy tab. When I tried to click VPN, it shows 'Devices with ARM processors are not currently supported. We're actively working to make them compatible soon. 😫

  • Hi @Geri19,

    Indeed, as of August, 2023 Bitdefender’s security solutions are compatible with ARM-based Windows computers, however, Bitdefender VPN and Parental Control are currently not available for ARM-based Windows PCs, and the developers are actively working to make them compatible in the near future.

    I'm sorry to hear you are unable to use our VPN on your device..



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