Why am I often getting antivirus settings modified/deselected by themselves ? ?

I've recently uninstalled and reinstalled Bit defender Total Security on my OS using the native tools to do that,I've set the av to perform scans of boot sectors and archives ( enabling the maximum limit of size for that last one to search all the possible ones ) but when I close the software and after a while check the av settings again I often find these 2 options deselected...I've also create a password to protect the settings and I'm the only one that uses that PC,I don't have others antivirus softwares enabled apart from Malwarebytes free version that doesn't have real time protection enabled and I've enabled the Microsoft Defender's options to perform some additional scans in cooperation with BDTS .... So why I find these settings deselected by themselves so often and how could I solve that ?

P S : I've already opened a ticket for that with the assistance



  • Hello @Eno-Scott,

    Are you running a scan while this happens? Some options are turned off during an active scan, so as not to interfere with the process.

    But please do let us know what the Support engineers advise.



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  • I've seen that,but to be honest I've to ask you why the av do that? I mean if I want to check boot sectors for rootkits ( for ex. ) or the achives,why when I start a scan these options become disabled ? And considering that they're disabled during the scan the av checks for that ones?

    Responding to your first: this time no,but like yo've explained I noticed that happens sometimes also during the scan (to be honest I've already have this issue in the past and I've opened a ticket before for it)

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    What type of scan are you running? And where do these options get deactivated, in the Bitdefender shield, or in the scan settings? Bitdefender shield is on-access scan, quick/system/custom scan is on-demand scan.


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  • I was running a full system scan and I've founded them deactivated,that was the descripion of what happened this time:

    1.Opened Bitdefender av

    2.start full system scan

    3.check in the scan settings (these ones),I've done that because I've alrready noticed that issue before

    .4 founded the setings that I've said disabled

    In addiction to that :

    .Ive also seen these options disabled in the report at the end of the scan sometimes

    .I've noticed that also some others function been disabled sometime ,they are : Alert mode , the option to recheck the antivirus files quarantined with better,scan of CD/DVD,USB and mapped network drives (alert mode seems to be the most often disabled )