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Bug: Safepay - automatic opening when hovering over bookmarks in bookmark bar


Hi there,

Since a longer time I'm facing an issue where Safepay automatically opens out of nowhere. After some testing I found out that this behaviour is driven by having a concrete website configured as to spawn Safepay when it is opened in the browser.

This is intentional behaviour, but hovering over the browser bookmarks in the bookmark bar of the browser is unintentionally opening safepay.

For example:
I have set the website for my banking provider to be opened in Safepay when I access their site.
I also have a bookmark in my bookmark bar of the browser to easily navigate to it.

When I hover over that bookmark and the browser is starting to display the name and the link information of the bookmark, Safepay get unintentionally opened.

I would consider this as a bug and hopefully here is the right place to communicate such issues.

More information:
Windows 11 23H2 Build 22631.3447
Google Chrome 123.0.6312.123

But i faced the issue also in Win 10 and earlier Chrome versions.



  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Seppo007 ,

    Welcome to the Bitdefender Forums. You should contact Bitdefender Support.

    Chat is the fastest way to reach them. Telephone support is not toll-free, but you also have an email option.

    Have a great day.



  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @Seppo007,

    This behavior has been reported to the developers and they are now investigating to find out what could be causing it. In the event you have already raised a Support ticket, the engineers will get back to you on the open case as soon as they have more information.

    Thank you

    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user

  • Seppo007


    Thanks for taking care. I did not create a ticket so far, should I do this or is it unnecessary?

  • Alexandru_BD


    I think you should create a ticket as well, if you wish. This way you will receive updates first hand.

    Thank you!

    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user