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Is Bitdefender still protecting you when it says "Bitdefender services are loading now, please wait?


Lately on my 2 computers Bitdefender loads an comes up, "Bitdefender services are loading now, please wait." It doesn't come up too, "You Safe" like it usually says on the icon. I did some research and reinstalled the program and did the proper updates. It goes back to "Your Safe" but whenever I reboot my computer or start it up its back too "Bitdefender services are loading, please wait.

Am I still being protected by Bitdefender or is it sitting in limbo and not protecting my PCs?

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  • johndeere2023

    @Scott thank you so much for your response as I have found this issue as well on other discussions/forums. I am seeing the comments here as well with the same issue. As I followed your advice and disabled Automatic Profiles and just enabled "Work Profile" the taskbar icon went back to "You Are Safe" without needing to restart my PC. I appreciate your feedback on my question and appreciate everyone here for their help and advice! I will now mark my questions here as "Resolved". Thanks again for everyone's help!

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