90 days free subscription

Hello everyone! A couple of minutes ago I saw an ad on Facebook which offered 90 days of Bitdefender Total Security. I wanted to give it a try and after I logged in (I already had a bitdefender central account as I have the free version) apparently the subscription activated and I have not got any details about it.

Now I'd like to know if at the end of the 90 days I'll get a notification that the trial period has ended or not as I would not like to pay for it after the trial has ended. I know that last time when I had a trial period it showed how many days I had until the trial ends but with this one it doesn't show anything.


  • Hello @Shawanga

    1. Since you have activated 90days trial successfully, you can install and use the product for 90 days
    2. Any time in Bitdefender Central, Subscription tab, you can see the remaining days of subscription
    3. Also the Bitdefender application will alert you when the trial period ends and the computer will no longer be protected
    4. There wont be any auto renewal for trial

    Hope all doubts are cleared.

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  • [{"insert":"Hi i have just started my 90 day trial and i was wondering what happens when the trial period ends? does it just end with no re newal of a subscription? or does it re new costing me money for an extra month or so without me knowing. \nThanks.\n"}]