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bdservicehost high cpu / memory usage, take 60% of my CPU usage , Very high power usage

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It has been about 2 weeks now my laptops spinning the fan mush faster than usual as result of CPU usage by bdservicehost.

Already sent all LOG file to the HELD-DESK but no correct suggestion been given.

It is the worst AV I ever used! I'll stuck with this product for 3 years now because that is my subscription period. Please do something!


  • Having same problem on a desktop and a laptop... I have a desktop that is not affected. I've had to uninstall as Bitdefender is acting like a stress test... response from chat support was to do about an hours worth of troubleshooting for them... 😒

    I left an avast subscription for a lesser problem than this!

    Product is basically unusable on two of my most used pc's.

    Waiting for an email response from email sent to

    Clock is ticking +24hrs...