So It Seems The Security Widget Is Gone For Good?



  • I just installed your latest update as well - SURPRISE - the widget is no more. Add my vote for a return of the Widget. It is a very useful tool and has no negative impact on my system. I've had a paid subscription for many years and will also go to one of your competitors when my subscription expires - in 73 days.


  • I am voicing my disappointment of the removal of the widget.

    As many have said ... The Widget was an important comfort factor which reassured the user that they were 'Safe' and that there were no issues.

    I have been recommending BD to many users (even though the Auto-renew checkbox mysteriously gets re-checked after the user intentionally un-checks it).

    It does a good job of protecting devices without using up a lot of resources.

    However, if BD does not want to listen to their clients, then perhaps it's time to look for other security solutions.

    Here's hoping that they make the the decision to bring the Widget back as an optional feature and let the user decide whether to display it or not.

    Let's see what happens.

  • Flexx
    Flexx ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Members,

    So I have received a response back from development team via bitdefender support & I guess they are in no mood to introduce the widget back again in the 2021 line of product. Below is their reply.



  • So what you're saying is that we need to flood the support email with angry messages if we're going to have any hope of getting the widget back. Gotcha. 🙂

  • Flexx
    Flexx ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited September 2020

    Well, I never said anything. The reply was from the bitdefender support /development department. Twice they replied the same thing, so they have I guess made up their mind of not introducing the widget back again in 2021 line of products.



  • Have reloaded BD after reinstalling Windows10 and find that the widget is no longer there - even though it is on our other PC's protected under the same BD subscription. I entirely agree that the widget was a very useful device to reassure the user that the protection was in place with no problems. A really poor decision to remove it - those who do not want it can easily disable it. For me it was a key feature of BD which I have always up until now recommended to friends. Please bring it back!


  • Now that the security widget has been removed, I too will be changing the 15 computers and 10 other devices I look after for various people, and will be changing to a different product, I will never recommend BD again, the security widget was a reassurance the inept/confident user alike did not need to take any action and that the system was up to date and protected..... so say goodbye to me and my 25 licences BD

  • Not before emailing Customer support! Go here and send them an email:

    If enough people do it, then at least we will accomplish annoying them with a flood of angry emails if not actually getting them to consider re-introducing the Widget back!

  • Xeno
    edited October 2020

    I find this unpleasant surprise right now as turned on the pc. 😕

    Then please inform us users if there is any visualisation of the bd updating, downloading, scanning etc. Just because it wasn't the widget itself what caused any problem (if ever) actually but the turning off the computer while these actions run. Or should I check the task manager every time?

    By the way any hint how can I identify / where can I find which product (version of the product) is running?

  • @Xeno

    You can find out your version information by right-clicking the BD icon on the lower right of your task bar, and selecting "About". You might not have the BD icon set to show there always, so just click the up arrow to the left of last icon on the right side of your taskbar. The BD icon should be there. In 'Settings", "Personalization", you can select which icons always appear on the right side of the taskbar.

    I hope this helps. Have a great day.



  • As Captain Obvious mentioned, please send them an email:

    about it.

    In addition, some days after your support request, you'll receive an email from Bitdefender "Tried Bitdefender services? Tell us about them!"

    Please spend some time to fill it, because in it there's a very important question that must be answered :

    How likely is that you would recommend Bitdefender to a friend, colleague, or a family member?

    If you answer that you definitely would not there's another question about the reasons... Then you can express your disappointment about the widget removal.

    You can also try sending suggestions or feedback to

    I also noticed that there's another similar topic in the forum "Please bring back the security widget".

    The most important thing is sending an email to BD Customer support !! email:

  • Flexx
    Flexx ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Member,

    Whether you send email via online forum ( or via direct email to [email protected] ,it is one of the same thing. The email will be delivered to the same support department.

    Now considering 500 million people using bitdefender as per what is stated on their website, even if all the people in this particular post will fill up the forum, which is less than 1% of 500 million people. You still need at least 40-50% of people reporting to bring back the widget for development team to rethink about the same. Though bitdefender obeys opinion of every user, but end decision has to be taken by the development team.



  • How are we supposed to know when the TB is updating or running a scan without the widget

  • Flexx
    Flexx ✭✭✭✭✭

    HI Member,

    Manually check for updates by right clicking on the icon of bitdefender in the taskbar and click on update now. If you see no new updates, that means automatic update is already working. Bitdefender signatures are updated after every one hour provided if there are signatures available.



  • Well, that's an obvious pile of dung considering the Security Widget made it plain & clear what was running. This is a huge step backward. (Not to mention that the Security Advisor is now non-functional in Chrome and FireFox).

    I'm not trying to argue. These are confirmed FACTS from PAYING CUSTOMERS.

    2CO is very amicable on chargbacks for false advertising and the removal of features that we've paid for.

    And on the old argument that it was "using unnecessary resources" - well then why does BD Total Security still have popup ads for VPN and other things that users don't want / can disable???

    I want to disable to the stupid popud ads for BD upsells and enable a visual widget that we BOUGHT.

    Anyone with me? Place your VOTE on my post at

  • This thread is marked as "Accepted Answer" ? Because of the original poster?

    I don't want to make life difficult for anyone, but I will start a new thread on this, and more.

  • Don't forget to email customer support:

    They won't take us seriously if we don't flood them with angry emails.

  • I subscribe to the above general view - psychologically the presence of the widget is a desktop presence clearly stronger than a simple icon,.

    The only extra remark is that the widget should be prepared to allow for a size change.

    BitDefender should reconsider. Taking it away is a PR error.

  • Don't forget to send this message to customer support themselves:

    They won't actually do anything unless they start receiving emails by the dozen!

  • Flexx
    Flexx ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Captain Obvious

    Just for information purpose, the development team has already stated that they will not introduce the widget back.

    Now, posting and encouraging the people to spam the support department email can lead to banning of your account on forum. Around 13 accounts have already been banned on the forum in past 2 weeks due to unusual behaviour of users on the forum.

    Even if users will write to the support department, they will get the same response & hardly there are 7-8 users only and that too in this particular post out of total 132,205 users in the forum which want security widget back. So calculation says it all. Less than 1% people of the total number of people on the forum.

    @Alex D., @Andy_BD



  • Blow it out your rear end Flexx! You have got to be the single most annoying, condescending, and useless member of these forums! Just stop posting already! Multiple people (even some in this very thread) have complained about you, and now I am too. So just stop.

  • Flexx
    Flexx ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited October 2020

    I guess that's why you are not able to help people, or interact with them, or provide them with valuable solution regarding their issue and just tell them to spam things. Additionally ratings says it all my friend, how many people are satisfied by my answer and your answer. Compare your profile with mine and you will know the difference.

    You have been an old member, possibly before me, still you are not able to get the answers to users question or help them in anyway. Do you have any positive way of making things go right.

    So if you want me to stop, why not make me. Good luck friend.



  • @Flexx

    Just for your information. Letting Bitdefender know that you are unhappy with a decision they have made to remove a popular feature, is not spam. I'll give you one example. In 2012 the BD development team decided to remove the users ability to schedule scans. This was a highly unpopular move, much as removal of the widget, and customers let them know. The ability to schedule scans was subsequently restored in the next iteration of BD. On the contrary, I find that 80% of your posts are spam. They serve no purpose and help noone. My advice to the development team is Bring back the widget, get rid of Flexx.

  • Flexx
    Flexx ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited October 2020

    Hi Member.

    I never said that giving bitdefender a feedback is wrong. I have myself dropped them 3 different emails regarding the widget at different intervals, but they have said the same things each time. Now saying that "They won't take us seriously if we don't flood them with angry emails" is a wrong way of directing people that is equivalent to spamming the support.

    Additionally, if you think 80% of my post are spam, share the links to me. I will rectify those things. And if those post would have really been spam, then bitdefender staff/ admin would have already removed those post and given me the instructions to rectify those errors, as they gave me when I newly joined the community.



  • Please bring the widget back. Was the 1st thing I noticed and I already regret updating to the latest version.

    It wont hurt the software to bring it back for those who need it. I rely heavily on it to see how my system was acting and i taught many people to use the widget and now its just gone? what a stupid move BD... Honestly now, making it worse isnt the way to keep a customer that has been with you guys for over 10 years.

  • Hey man

    as they say you can get notification from windows notification in right down of the windows near the time

    then why you make sense for that when you can see you are safe or not with bitdefender icon on taskbar that says you are safe?

    I am like the widget too and its design but that is not very important thing that other product doesnt use widget

    bitdefender delete safe files too but I am agree with that too(still now it is on antivirus module and not deleted but like to be deleted in future)

  • Gauthey
    Gauthey ✭✭✭
    Thank you all for signing this petition made in the past to your friends, clients and relatives, together we can make a difference and bring back this Widget
    Since the last Bitdefender update the widget has suddenly disappeared, according to Our information the developers have stopped this widget due to the system resources on the computers
    But which widget was one of Bitdefender's flagship keys, we could see at a glance what was going on.
    Today we are calling for the return of this Widget on a global scale.
    Sign this petition to demand the speedy return of the Bitdefender widget.

  • Wow! I thought maybe I had accidentally turned off the widget. It is jaw-dropping to me that BD decided to remove such a useful feature. I have been a BD customer for many years. Previously I had always renewed for one or two years max. Wouldn't you know that this last time around I renewed until 2024. Even so, I'm going to start looking around for another vendor in hopes of finding one with better judgement or at least one that is not so obstinate about correcting an error in judgement. In the meantime, I may try to downgrade to TS 2020 if I can.

  • Gauthey
    Gauthey ✭✭✭


    If you want it to work and Bitdefender to reverse its opsitions sign the petition here please 109755

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