So It Seems The Security Widget Is Gone For Good?



  • and low usage is no excuse, this widget has been around since 2013, it has always had quite low usage just because it is not really well promoted, it must be said that from 2013 to 2020 it is a selling point for many millions of people.

  • No widget! Well no renewing my 5 device software with you next year! It's one of the main reasons I like this AV. Sorry to see it go but I'm sure Bitdefender won't be sorry to see me go!

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    @Alex D.@Andy_BD

    Can you please get any available developer from the bitdefender team to come and share the opinion regarding the widget. Support team is of no help and they are now sharing the pre feeded templates as their replies. It would be helpful if you can arrange someone from the developer team to come forward and respond here. A direct conversation with any of the available developer will be the best thing.

    Can you please arrange a developer to directly comment on this post, instead of waiting for support to share the feedback with developers, then developers sharing the response to support and then support sharing the response to user. It takes around a weeks time whereas earlier in maximum of 72 hours all tickets used to receive a response.

    Please arrange any available developer from development team to directly reply back here. It will be of great help.



  • No widget?!!! Why? Please bring back that very useful widget. I have 259 days from my subscription but I'll start looking for another AV that has a widget (because I'm not going to start clicking every 5 minutes to see notification area). I really hope this problem will be fixed.

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    Hi Member,

    No other AV has widget. Kaspersky used to have it but they also removed it, I guess, 3-4 years ago.



  • Write them emails, come and sign this petition for the return of the Widget

  • As many others said here, that widget was a major "selling point" for BD. Now is just another AV.

    Well, if another AV will "welcome back" the widget, they will surely get me. I still have 258 day to figure this out.

  • All the more reason to have one. One up on your competitors! Yes Kaspersky did have one and when they dropped it I moved to Bitdefender. So you can see how much it means to me!

  • Hello,

    We have proof that the petition set up can make a difference, the support we have confirmed that the developers consult it every day and he watches the beginners share this petition as much as possible.

    Look at the screenshot, it's just getting started :)

  • I received this reply "Thank you for taking the time to share your opinions with us.

    I truly regret to hear of your unsatisfactory experience with Bitdefender and hope you will accept my sincerest apologies. I agree that this situation is disappointing and would like to inform you that one of our top priorities is customer satisfaction.

    I would appreciate the chance to make things right as soon as possible and to improve your experience with us.

    please let me know if that would be alright with you.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Have a nice day!"

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    Hi Member,

    This is a generic reply from the support team. In layman's term, they just thanked you for providing feedback. No one knows if the feedback will be shared with the development team. And even if gets shared, we all are aware of the current response of the development team.



  • Always the same speech within the support to believe that their speech disturbs just to speak about the Widget, the developers begin to understand that an error has been made? it's a shame the small return of support here communication at Bitdefender zero

  • Totally agree we need the widget for all the reasons stated - instant view for amateurs

  • I will not renew my subscription just because BD decided to remove the widget. I will do it because I do not like when the seller is treating me like a horse shit. Customer satisfaction is not on your priority list dear BD, so... Thank you.

  • Hi everyone!

    Bit late to the party and I'm sorry about that. But I have made a compilation of some of your replies to this thread along with @Gauthey's link for the petition and I will send it to our product managers to start a discussion over the changes that have been brought by this decision to remove the widget.

    I know sometimes change is met with resistance and that's perfectly understandable! It may not always seem obvious (this being one of the cases) but whenever change happens, it is with the user's best interest in mind.

    I'm hoping that I'll get a reply back to you in a timely manner on this and further develop a productive discussion on this topic.


  • Hello sir

    I don't think removing the Widget is in the interests of users, especially since it was very, very convenient and could quite live with the new features of Bitdefender.

    Moreover, this Widget was not activated by default, we could choose to activate it or not.

    Many tests have been carried out by my team, it fits perfectly.

    In addition, Windows has just confirmed to me that the metro interface no longer exists since Windows 10.

  • FlexxFlexx ✭✭✭✭

    Thank You for the reply @Andy_BD

    Will wait for the response from the relevant team.



  • I'm a BD customer for, maybe, over 10 years. I not only liked the widget, but I frequently used it to check/drop downloaded apps and files before opening them. I found it extremely convenient, helpful and informative. And I totally agree with the above people/opinions! It's ridiculous to take it away to "save resources", when one has the option to have it or not! I further consider it disrespectful from devs towards customers to do something without a simple survey. Very bad attitude for me. Please, bring it back.

  • Save me! Help me ! Request my return share this video as much as possible

  • this thing is abbusive, and is up to the company's choice to bring it back or not, stop this shitty propaganda which will never resolve anything, think about that no av company has an widget and stop crying that you will switch the av provider for this reason

  • This is your opinion and not the opinion of the people who use it, if you don't care, there is no problem, we do not do it, it is precisely because there is rare people who still have a Widget that we want to maintain, now it's up to you to like it or not, we won't bother you with what you want or not thank you!

  • I'll see what you say if people take things that you just paid for with your subscription to take it away from you, and even force you to update it without any possibility that you will lose what you bought that functionality was based on what we had purchased.

    Now whether you agree or not I don't care at all, I will defend this cause until reconsideration of this one

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    Hi Member,

    If you are not in favor of getting the widget back, kindly do not post any comments in the required post. The post is only meant for the people who want the widget to comeback. Everyone is free to provide their feedback on the forum be it 100 times or 1000 times. You are not authorised to tell other user as to what they should do and what they should not until it is in the boundaries of the forum. Otherwise also the authorization is only in the hand of forum administrator @Andy_BD or bitdefender staff @Alex D.

    Let's for example, how about if bitdefender removes the signature based detection from bitdefender product and ask you that we will totally rely on cloud based detection for which you need 24*7 internet connectivity & if you are at some place where there is no internet connectivity available and you insert an infected USB on your PC/ Notebook, we will not be blamed if your system gets infected.


    If your system gets infected with a particular ransomware and you tell research team to release detection since it is a ransomware, & they say we will not create one, because according to us the infection rate of that ransomware is less or we think the detection is not necessary since the ransomware is very old and not active in the wild. And somehow in future your system again gets infected with the same ransomware, you will either change your vendor or write to support that I have paid for the product and hence I should receive complete protection from all the threats.

    So kindly refrain from commenting in the post, if you are not interested. I hope this makes sense to you.



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    Your long winded explanation makes absolutely no sense to me. While I am in favor of seeing the widget return, I must point out that this is a discussion, not a petition and as such, people who disagree also have a right to be heard. You Flexx, are not the one who decides who can and cannot post here.

  • Hello,

    It is a dissusion for the return of the Widget not on those who do not wish it if a person does not wish it which opens its own subject of dissension, because the petition is also the subject of the moment :)

    People who do not agree can express themselves but why do so on a subject that is only for the return of the Widget? It does not make sense to criticize his return on a subject which is precisely for his return.

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