How do I stop Bitdefender auto renewal?

How do I stop Bitdefender auto renewal?

Log in to your Central account and go to My Subscriptions.Access My Payments.To disable auto-renewal click More Details on each Bitdefender subscription that has this service enabled.Click Manage your subscription renewal options.Choose Stop auto-renewal to proceed with the deactivation process.


  • Hello @erik123,

    You can disable the automatic renewal feature from the Central account, as described above. You can also cancel your subscription and automatic billing by contacting Customer Support at: [email protected]

    I have noticed you have successfully disabled the feature on February 13th and no future recurring payments will take place for your Total Security subscription. Please note it will be necessary for you to manually renew your protection, when the expiration date comes.

    Best regards.

  • What is the link to my Central Account, why don't you put the link in this forum?

    Bitdefender is using 100% CPU, I am going to uninstall it. This is unacceptable behavior.

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    Follow the steps from Method 1 described here:

    and your Bitdefender product will never be auto-renewed.

    Disabling/enabling auto-renewal from Bitdefender Central (Method 2 from the link) does not always work.

    As for the CPU usage, you better contact Bitdefender Consumer Support via chat, phone or e-mail:




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    Hi @greatblu

    The link to your central account should be the same link you created your account with:

  • Hello @greatblu,

    Regarding CPU usage, does the device meet the recommended system requirements? Below are the minimum system requirements for which Bitdefender proper functionality is guaranteed:

    • Operating System: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, Windows 10.
    • Processor: we will not check the CPU but will display an info message for older CPU processors: Performance may be affected for devices that use old generation CPUs (have you received such a message, by any chance?).
    • Disk space: minimum 2,5 GB free space (on the system drive) available hard disk space; - RAM : 2 GB min.

    If the system requirements are met, turn off these Bitdefender modules: Bitdefender Shield and Advanced Threat Defense. Then turn them on to identify which one could be the culprit for the high usage.

    If the issue is caused by Advanced Threat Defense or Bitdefender Shield module, please get in touch with the Support Teams, as more information is required to troubleshoot this behavior.

    You can reach out to our engineers by using one of the contact channels available at the link below:

    Kindly let us know the outcome, so we can help other users that may experience this.

    Best regards.

  • Struggling to find where you have said i need to go. nowhere in these menus is there a my payments link. help?

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    Follow the steps from Method 1 described here:

    and your Bitdefender product will never be auto-renewed.

    Three or maybe four years ago, i did the steps from Method 1 and since then my Bitdefender Total Security subscription has never been auto-renewed.

    Disabling/enabling auto-renewal from Bitdefender Central (Method 2 from the link) does not always work.




  • The "Stop auto-renewal" option has been replaced with "Cancel Subscription and Continuous Protection". Any other thoughts?

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    I'm not a fan of the wording, it makes it sound like we'll lose our current protection and subscription by canceling.

    Just go through the steps and it will show that you've just disabled auto-renewal, but the subscription is still in-tact, as seen in my example below.


  • Hello @Gorillahug,

    A subscription assumes continuity and is defined by the configuration preferences of the automatic renewal feature and by the enrollment in receiving relevant marketing messages and notifications from the provider. The term and feature are widespread in the antivirus industry and generally speaking, more providers are leaning towards a subscription model similar with the ones for streaming services.

    @Scott Indeed, the term "continuous protection" may leave room for interpretation, as users might confuse this with an immediate termination of protection, which is not the case, as a paid service will always be valid for the entire duration, according to the validity specified at purchase and regardless of the cancellation of the subscription.

    I think this terminology was used to better underline the main benefit that comes with a subscription and what's at stake if disabled. Because essentially, a subscription does ensure continuous protection after all. As shown in the above screenshot, the user does receive a clear confirmation afterwards, where it states that "you will no longer be protected after the current billing cycle ends".


  • I agree that the wording is very misleading and is meant to deceive people not to hit the button the cancel. There was nothing wrong with the previous wording to cancel auto-renewal.

  • Very deceitful tactics with the wording. Shameful when an antivirus provider acts worse than the scammers they offer protection against.

  • Hi,

    There is a completely different reason behind this terminology. The intention was to give up the concept of "a renewal", because by definition, a subscription never ends, unless cancelled by the user. Let's take Netflix or Spotify, for example. Once you sign up, there is no renewal, as there is no expiration date, the subscription is continuous, until cancelled. The definition of a subscription is an agreement you make in advance to receive something for a specific period of time.


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    That explanation helped me. I think some of us, including myself, were caught a little off guard with the terminology change compared to what we were use to with Bitdefender. Your example of one of my favorites Spotify, makes sense. Dropbox would also be another example for me, as it is subscription based with a renewal date of...

  • Technically, the actual renewal flow doesn't change much. But the terminology had to be adjusted, especially in the context of multiple subscriptions. This was indeed a big change, as it was not possible for the Central account to accommodate multiple products in the past and this new subscription model leaves the door open for further developments. For example, if we were to ditch the activation codes in the future, the way the subscription is designed now, will help the developers achieve that, if they wish. No more activating codes, expired codes, invalid codes and so on. The protection starts from the moment you have enrolled in the subscription and this would definitely enhance the users' experience. But any transition should be progressive and new terminology must be adopted early on, so it can be easily assimilated.

    I can't emphasize this enough: we would never do something that would disadvantage the end customer. Each modification, improvement and service is designed with friendly usage and value in mind. But some actions might be misinterpreted and this usually happens due to a lack of context and clarity regarding what's actually going on.


  • The phrasing used to denote one wishes to opt out of auto-renewal is misleading, confusing and purposely vague

    I understand why a company desires to have everyone on auto-renewal. That said, many companies send their clients a message indicating something like your anti-virus will end in 30 days, etc. I thought maybe Bitdefender would do this as well. It's strange, I think, for anyone that purchased a paid version of anti-virus software to not keep track of expiration date. Yeah, continuous protection, yeah, I get it.

    This is a negative feature of Bitdefender marketing. This auto-renewal practice and obfuscation in terms of how to manage it, is disturbing. It is not clear. In my view it is deceptive.

  • Hi,

    It's a subscription, @Jonathan212. Same as your Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime. The terminology has no marketing connection whatsoever, because it's not recommending you to purchase a new product, but has to do with the renewal cycle of a product you already have. You will receive an informative notification prior to the actual renewal, where the billing date and renewal price will be displayed and you can cancel the recurring billing anytime.


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    As with my above post on July 16th, I had a bit of a hard time with the new wording of a Bitdefender subscription. Granted, I like the term Auto-Renewal over subscription, maybe we're just use to it after all of these years, but it does seem to be the trend. Dropbox does it, so does the green K and all of the other ones Alexandru mentioned above. So, I adapt :)

  • I can't know Bitdefender's intentions. I hope they are as you indicate; but I know how their new wording comes across to me - and I dislike it.

    In my mind, there's a significant difference between the concept of a "subscription", and the option for auto-renewal vs manual renew - at least traditionally.

    I prefer manually renewing, for the obvious reason that I can review my options / seek the best value -before- I spend my money. So, I hope your info is correct.

  • Hi @Bill_Mi and thanks for tuning in.

    I understand that some users may want to renew their protection manually and that's fine, of course, you may even get better deals and review the available options this way, as in some cases upgraded suites may also come at a discounted price. Early renewal offers are also sent to customers prior to the expiration of the term, so everyone can benefit from better prices.

    The continuous protection terminology was adopted to better underline the subscription concept where the antivirus industry is heading.


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    As with my above post on July 16th, I had a bit of a hard time with the new wording of a Bitdefender subscription. Granted, I like the term Auto-Renewal

  • @Alexandru_BD i'm not sure that having the auto renew function will necessairly get you a better deal in fact in the times I have had my subscription I have never been presented with a discounted rate due to my loyalty, just an increase on the previous year. Sorry but I am with the majority here that thinks you should make the disable auto renewal option more prominent instead of it being "hard to find". Thanks.

  • Hi @Gahunter72 and thank you for joining the discussion.

    I was previously referring to the early renewal offers that are sent to existing users prior to the expiration of the term. Other promotions are also available over the course of the year. Should you wish to receive such discounts, please make sure that you have these settings enabled:

    In Central:

    In Bitdefender:

    The automatic renewal feature can be accessed through various methods and the information is transparent and comprehensive.

    I'm not sure where else it could be included, as it's already in all the relevant places..


  • I tried method 1, since i did not buy my Bitdefender through 2CO I do not apparently have an account so the link never gets set. I do have an account with Bitdefender central and i can see the product I bought , I think the Bitdefender essential says installed on one device. I also like TomFez do not see the payments.

    so what do i need to do to turn off auto renewal.

  • Hello @Repairman and thank you for joining the conversation.

    If the product was not purchased online using the official Bitdefender website, the My Payments tab will not be displayed in Central, because there is no vendor related transaction. 2Checkout (formerly Avangate, now Verifone) is the authorized vendor of the Bitdefender products and services purchased from the official website

    A 2Checkout account is created automatically when you first place an order through our page. It’s a secured platform that centralizes all the shopping activity for the users who have purchased software or services from Bitdefender.

    The licenses purchased from our trusted Partners, such as off-the-shelf software packages are not enrolled in automatic renewal and the validity must be manually extended at the due date. Some Partners may provide subscription options, but If you haven't discussed this at the time of purchase and if you bought the phisical antivirus box, your product does not have an automatic renewal feature enabled, as I have now checked as well.

    I hope the information is helpful.


  • Yes very helpful Alexandru_BD THANKS

  • To stop the automatic renewal of your Bitdefender subscription, you can do the following:

    1. Open your Bitdefender program and go to the "My Subscription" section.
    2. In the "My Subscription" section, you should see an option to turn off the automatic renewal. Click on this option to disable it.
    3. You may be asked to confirm your decision to turn off the automatic renewal. Click on the appropriate button to confirm and complete the process.
    4. If you are unable to find the option to turn off the automatic renewal in the "My Subscription" section, you can try going to the Bitdefender website and logging in to your account. Once you are logged in, you should be able to access the options for your subscription and turn off the automatic renewal from there.

  • Yes @ChristianMorris, that is correct and the procedure applies ONLY for subscriptions purchased from the official Bitdefender website, because licenses purchased from Partners and resellers do not have this option, as they are not enrolled in automatic billing, unless stated otherwise at the point of sale.


  • Ik zie bij Mijn Abonnement, geen optie om de automatische verlenging uit te schakelen maar onder Facturatie, wel het kopje betaalwijze. Daar krijg al enkele dagen, het onderstaande bericht. Wat kan ik nu doen?

    Er is iets verkeerd gegaan met uw verzoek... Probeer het later opnieuw..

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    Bekijk dit artikel:

    Vriendelijke groeten.



  • Hello @Somme,

    I would advise to send your cancellation request at [email protected], because your subscription is managed by Bitdefender directly and not 2Checkout, based on the information available in your account.


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    quoting Alexander's post above ..... "The term and "feature" are widespread in the antivirus industry"

    ive used Kaspersky security for almost ten years before coming to Bitdefender a year ago.

    Kaspersky's company might be overseen by a bunch of communist war monger oligarchs, But NEVER once in ten years did they go into my bank account with out telling me and touch my money,,,they only way they got paid is when i myself choose to pay them period...

    kaspersky had a countdown day timer at the bottom or their screen to let you know how many days you had left and as time got closer to renew, little messages would pop up letting you know you were getting close,,,they never hacked into my bank account legally or illegally to remove any of my money period..

    so in response to Alexander .... NO other security software companies are definitely not behaving like deceptive hackers and tricking their costumers with small print or deceptive "terms and conditions" type tricks to gain access to their customers bank accounts to FORCE them to be locked into their product at a non-negotiated price without the customer being aware of it till after the fact !!!

    your company really cant be that blind or stupid to not see how much this hacker style business practice is gonna piss off a lot of your customers and make them leave your software????

    People buy security software in the first place to protect us from this kind of crap happening to us out there from real scammers. The last thing we need is to find out is that the security company we trusted is now too sneaking money out of our Bank accounts with out telling us too...

    Be smart bitdefender and STOP this secretive auto withdrawal scam before you loose too many of your customers.

    I am seriously considering not renewing next session because of this ,,, its just too shady a business practice and leaves me suspicious of you... maybe this is common in Europe were your from , but here in America this type of business practice is usually frowned upon, and mostly carried out by mafioso businesses that open up today to get your money and disappear tomorrow with even more or your money.

    Actually while typing the above paragraph i gave it more thought and ,,,,,,,

    I left Kaspersky and came to Bit defender because of my moral, ethical or what ever you wanna call it distaste of Russia's war in the Ukraine.. But now Bitdefenders business practices are conflicting with my beliefs of what are up front , clear, and transparent ethical business practices... so for this reason i wont renew bitdefender next time.

    a good honest product sells itself, it does not need to be forced onto people.

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