Split Tunneling App Option disappeared after reinstalling VPN

I seem to have lost the ability to use Split Tunneling on apps after I uninstalled then reinstalled the VPN. I had to reinstall because I was getting Error 255 and was disconnecting constantly and now the split tunneling feature seems to to only be used for websites. Anyone have any ideas?


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    Could you tell us what VPN build do you have? For instance, mine has it:


  • I'm using version I guess it didn't install the newest version? I don't see a way to update on it.

  • Scott
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    It's automatically updated by the BD servers. Try restarting your PC, or from the system tray icon, exit out ot it and restart it from the BD desktop Dashboard or your desktop shortcut.

    It can also hit you a bit later, as I believe even those updates are rolled out in stages to different regions.

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  • Restarting didn't work. I uninstalled it again and instead of getting it from the bitdefender security center I got it from bitdefender central and that seems to have given me the newest version. Hopefully this new version doesn't get errors and disconnect randomly like it did previously.