From BD Total Security Trial To BD Antivirus Free. Any Instructions?

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Now I have a trial of BD Total Security installed on my PC. What do I need to do to correctly switch to the BD Free? Should I completely remove BD Trial Total Security first or is there another way?

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  • @Gjoksi thanks a lot!

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    I did everything according to the instructions above, but when installing BD Free, the version of Total Security was installed. Perhaps the fact is that the trial version of Total Security has not ended yet?

  • @Alexandru_BD Thanks. But should I frstly uninstall BD Total Security?

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    Yes, it is true because until your subscription will not end you will automatically be switched to bitdefender total security since at the time of installing any bitdefender product you have to login into your bitdefender central account and when you login it connects with your online central account to check if you currently have a valid ongoing bitdefender subscription active or not.


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  • You're welcome. You don't need to uninstall Total Security.

    Antivirus Free is a "detuned" version of Total Security and once installed, the product will change configuration according to the trial/license/subscription active in the Central account.

    For this reason, there is also a "Switch account" feature in the product and this allows you to "link" the antivirus to a different Central account and it will adjust depending on what's running there.