Too many notifications when an application attempts to connect to the Internet.


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I was using ESET Internet Security for over a decade, and a few months ago I changed to Bitdefender Total Security. I am quite pleased with it, except one major problem which annoys me often.

I want to fully control the access of my applications to the Internet, so I have enabled the alert mode of the firewall settings. It works fine, until I have to leave the pc unattended for a few minutes. Then the Bitdefender Firewall notification pops up and prompts me to Allow or Block a connection. When I return to the computer, I have to click on the Allow or Block button a few thousand times to make the notification disappear!

I had the same settings in ESET and when a new or changed application was attempting to connect to the Internet, ONE click was enough either to Allow or Block the connection.

Why can’t be the same with Bitdefender and I need to click a few thousand times to get rid of the notification?  

Is there a workaround other than disabling the Alert Mode? 

In the video below, I estimate that I have clicked over 2.500 times without any result, so I had to restart the computer to get rid of the notification.


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