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  • Hi dave1946, welcome to Bitdefender forums. Yes unfortunately I think that`s correct.. Maybe in some future versions it will be supported but until now there is no software that protects network storages, not to my knowledge. Best solution is taking regular backups/snapshots, and keeping them on "un-plugged" storage or…
  • Hello Utterly Disillusioned. I think that block port scans in network, blocks only port scans within local network. Your router should have a firewall that blocks port-scans coming from the internet. In environment that you described it is not so strange that it has not blocked port scan since forever... If your router…
  • /index.php?/profile/200852-arranh/&do=hovercard" data-mentionid="200852" href="<___base_url___>/index.php?/profile/200852-arranh/" rel="">@arranh Reinstalling Bitdefender should fix your problem mate. Reinstalling antivirus software is wise after such huge cumulative update, like Creators...maybe even if everything works…
  • Hi yafatana. If you regularly update Windows, and Bitdefender db. you should be fine. What version of Bitdefender ts you have? Also which OS? If Win 10 which build?
  • I agree with LTGAZ completely. I also have positive experience using Malwarebytes anti-malware and Bitdefender total security on my pc for several years.. It works like a charm.
  • Do you mean your HDD occurs high load while updateing Bitedfender ?! Interferes with online games...bandwith?! High ping? Are you familiar with Bitdefender profiles? You can choose Game profile for gaming and it will postpone updates while game is running and also other useful features.. You can read more…
  • Hii couchpotato. As far as I know there is no way to do such backups. Someone correct me if I`m wrong. As garioch7 said it is very risky business, because of malware epxloits possibility in that scenario. Only way you could backup those settings if you do a full system backup, and than you can restore it with all the same…
  • Hi all. Quote from bitdefender suppot page: "Game Profile temporarily modifies protection settings so as to minimize their impact on system performance. When a known game or an application in fullscreen is started Bitdefender will automatically detect it and Game Profile will boost performance on games, optimize product…
  • Hello HoverCatz. I haven`t heard for ConfuserEX yet, but have you tried to add it to BD exclusions list, the program itself? Cheers 
  • Hi washme, welcome to Bitdefender forum. You should try to remove BD TS leftovers from the registry. Also try running 2017 uninstaller in safe mode. And last but not least download AV plus 2017 from official link
  • Hi Pr0, Yes Bitdefender Family pack supports unlimited number of devices per household. You can find all related additional info in this brief review :: Cheers 
  • Hello Eli ! Welcome to Bitdefender forums...sorry for the late reply. Have you tried to run 2016 uninstall tool in safe mode? You should probably look for leftover files in registry and system, and remove them before trying to install 2017.
  • Hi FrankSmith, I am sorry to hear that. I will list a common solutions for similiar problems here, and I also invite other members to do the same. 1. Make sure you don`t have any other antivirus software installed on your system 2. Be sure to activate newly created Bitdefender account 3. Always download BD from official…
  • Greetings. Welcome to Bitdefender forum. Please click the "resend activation e-mail" button and you will recive an activation link on your email. Also, check all e-mail folders, not just inbox. P.S. In some rare situations it is possible that you will need to wait 24h for activation link.
  • Hello devin, welcome to Bitdefender forums. I had a similar problem few months ago on a friend`s computer. I agree with warcraft, download latest Bitdefender Uninstall tool and boot your computer in safe mode. Run bitdefender uninstaller, finish the process, restart computer. This was the only working solution in my case,…
  • Hello macer welcome to Bitdefender forums! I think solution for your problem would be: 1. Disable Windows defender/firewall 2.Uninstall Malwarebytes 3. Install Bitdefender 4.Install Malwarebytes 5.Add an exception in Bitdefender for Malwarebytes and vice versa Hope this will solve the problem.
  • Hi ahdunit, sorry for the inconvenience. I would like to help you! What was your question about anti-ransomware? Have you tried contacting support on [email protected]?
  • Hello jake, welcome to Bitdefender forums. You don`t have to uninstall it every time, you can just turn off real time protection.
  • Hello regman, that is very unusual.. Have you tried reinstalling BD? I advise you to contact BD support on [email protected] . I`m sure they will provide you a good solution. 
  • Hello Mackuk, welcome to Bitdefender forum. Interesting problem you have there... Maybe it is due to some firefox add-ons you have installed?! Try checking the addons, if that doesn`t solve your problem add an exception in Bitdefender for Firefox.
  • Hi mtu, welcome to Bitdefender forums. What is the "environment" of your connection/firewall state on trobled PC? Have you tried reinstalling BD ? Also maybe you should try to download Bitdefender Update Server Patch on I hope…
  • Interesting, i never really used fast startup on win10 before, but now i have tried it and same thing happens to me.. I`m not really sure what is the cause...have you tried reinstalling BD? Maybe devs are not aware of that could try contacting support on [email protected] And in the meantime until they…
  • Hi MRidley1982. What version of Windows 10 do you have? To check build version, just type winver in windows search bar.
  • Hello andersh, have you solved the mystery? How do you mean "BitDefender doesn't actually appear to be doing anything" ? Have you checked on process list, cpu ram usage etc. ?
  • Hello, Hope that Sorin`s solution fixed that problem for you. Does windows update work correctly on your system? If not, you could also try to run System File Checker. You can find SFC how-to on :…