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I recently renewed my subscription and on my device it shows I have 371 days left. My subscription allows me to install Bitdefender on upto 3 devices and it is installed on one other. On the other device there is a notification that the subscription expires in a few days. Do I have to reinstall Bitdefender on the other device or will it just run on as per the 371 days.


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    Hi There,

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

    I request you to check out this bItdefender Website :

    If you are still unable to find a solution and this being a licence issue so it is best to contact customer care directly :

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  • Hello Paul,

    Greetings. Hope you are staying safe.

    1. First make sure you are using the same email ID on all of your Bitdefender products.
    2. If yes and still facing the issue with subscription mismatch, try logout and log back in on the device which you face subscription issue. 

    You can also track all your devices and bitdefender subscription by just visiting: or install BitDefender Central app from apple store and google playstore.

    a. Visit

    b. Login using your credentials

    c. Select My Devices / Subscriptions from the left menu (Attaching screenshot of the same for more clarity)



  • FlexxFlexx ✭✭✭✭

    Again, when it comes to licence issue, it is best to contact customer care directly :

    or email them at [email protected]

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    Problem is solved. I had taken up Bitdefenders offer to extend my subscription early and at a reduced rate. The notification of the extended number of days automatically updated itself on my device but on the other device(my wife's laptop)it didn't update and next thing we knew she was informed the protection had lapsed.

    Partly my fault for not reading an email properly and partly Bitdefender's fault for not explaing things properly but they had issued me with a new Activation Code which I need to input into the other device. I just assumed my subscription would just continue seemlessly.

    Flexx, Phil, Thanks for your replies.

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