Arlo Security Cameras


First post to the community.

I have a bitdefender total security plan package 2020, as well as a bitdefender box2.

I have purchased an Arlo pro 2 security package, consisting of a smart hub, 2 wireless cameras, and a video doorbell .

I currently have a smart hub (for my weather station) directly connected to the bitdefender box2.

I plan on purchasing a small 5 port network hub to connect both smart hubs to the bitdefender box2.

Has anyone else had a similar setup? anything I should watch out for?

Any conflicts between different smart hubs?

Thank you



  • MSP

    Any security camera made by Xiongmai are a hackers’s dream. They are resold under dozens of brand names and comprise the lions share of consumer level security cameras (well over 10M currently active). Here is an article which also includes how to check if your security camera was made by Xiongmai.

    Only way to “defeat” the problem with those cameras is to not use them at all, or “maybe” block them from accessing the Internet altogether in a layered fashion. Blocking at The Box 2 alone may not be sufficient. Never ever use the app or software sold with or recommended by wherever you bought the hardware. Find something open source or recommended by security magazines, experts, firms, etc. I have some recommendations, but do your own research rather than trust me. :)