How to replace current license from old computer to new computer?

How do I replace current license from Old computer to new computer?

I have dispose my old computer due to hardware issue and couldn't find a way to replace the license to new computer.

Appreciate your kind assistant.


  • Hello @Eforgemy ,

    1. Visit
    2. Login using the same login credentials which you used to register Bitdefender licence
    3. Click on My devices
    4. Select your old computer which you disposed
    5. Select more options and remove the device
    6. Launch Visit On your new computer
    7. Click on My devices and click on Install Protection

    You are all set.

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  • Hi Jayakrishnan,

    Thanks for your prompt reply.

    I still encounter some issue as couldn't find "Option" in my old device.

    There's no any "option" button to click on.

  • Hello @Eforgemy ,

    Click on the 3 dots. I’m attaching a screenshot so that you can get a clear idea how to do it.

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