My smartphone does'nt appear on the BTS interface while it appears on my Bitdefender Central account

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I just successfully installed the new Bitdefender Total Security on my 64-bit Windows 10 pro PC.

Then I installed BTS on my Samsung Galaxy S10e smartphone from my Bitdefender Central account. The installation went smoothly as my PC and smartphone appear to be enabled and protected in my Bitdefender Central account.

However, when I open the BTS interface the dashboard (completely down), indicates that BTS is installed on a single device (1/5). While logically it should indicate 2 out of 5 devices in my opinion.

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  • TaxiMagicien42
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    I noticed this morning that the number of devices displayed on the dashboard now matches the number of devices on my Bitdefender Central account. No doubt this has something to do with synchronization.

    So my problem is solved.