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Multiple Bitdefender Total Security subscriptions unwantedly merged into one

edited February 2022 in Central & Subscriptions

So I've had Total Security subscriptions running on a Mac and an old laptop without a hitch, but after I bought a new subscription for a new laptop, this happened. I followed the instructions sent along with the Amazon e-mail, but after I entered the activation key, and tried to protect the new device, it said that the maximum number of devices had been reached. Looking at the "My Devices" tab, I noticed that it showed that 2/1 devices had been protected, and that both the old devices were still under the usual protection.

Though I was confused, I decided to remove the subscription from my old laptop, and try to transfer that to the new one. After I removed it, Bitdefender Central still said that the maximum devices had been reached, this time showing that 1/1 devices were protected.

I don't really know what do do at this point, I speculate that the subscriptions somehow merged into one, after the addition of the new subscription. I have not received a response as of yet from Amazon, and I definitely do not want to spend any more until this is resolved, I already have paid for 3 subscriptions. Any help would be much appreciated.

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