Help! Every https page I open gives False Positive, even

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Every https page I open gives me a warning, even I already reported the false positive, but how will I know if there is an actual threat on my computer??

It seems to be the same issue from 2018 that I read about which was resolved by reverting how https pages were being scanned.

By the way, some of the pages on this site are buggy. When I click a tag. On this page, each time I selected a tag, it inserted 4 instead of one (except "support"). Clearly, that one is not a big priority. However, there are things that could help to make it more user-friendly. If you want my feedback, let me know. I've worked in a web department doing QA...


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    Can anyone help? Every page I open on my browser (even a new tab with no url (just clicking enter) is treated as a threat, and I get a message that BD blocked the page. The exceptions are only what's been added to my exclusions list, like Facebook, Google...

    *It does not create an event*. BitDefender said that they can't help because it's not Malware, and they don't offer support for the Free version. So, is my only option to uninstall? Avast and AVG gave false positives. That's why I switched to BD. When it was Avast it was a URL:blacklist. They said it was not a false positive, and when I asked them how to resolve and never heard back. I've scanned with BidDefender, MalwareBytes, Avast, Glarysoft... Nothing is found. I already had a computer pro at my house, who cleaned up my computer and recommended BitDefender. I can't afford to pay someone because I haven't worked since March. But, I also don't want to deal with this annoying message anymore, or the uncertainty of whether I am actually opening a page that's a threat. Experts, please help.

    Many thanks.

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    Kindly drop an email to bitdefender support at regarding your issue & they will reply back asap.



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