Problems with Bitdefender 2020 Firewall and Minecraft Dungeons (possibly other UWP apps)


I have recently noticed that Minecraft Dungeons (Windows 10 UWP) is being blocked by Bitdefender IS 2020's firewall. This appears to occur when Default application behavior is set to default (automatic). If I start Minecraft Dungeons I get a network appears to be down message. Doing the same with Alert Mode turned on shows multiple attempts by Minecraft Dungeons trying to talk out to MS and Amazon AWS servers. As expected even saying yes to each query (and there are a lot) will not resolve the issue. Creating a specific Rule that allows the Dungeons.exe to allow all traffic through does NOT resolve the issue (I've created a rule for both executables within the C:\Program Files\WindowsApps ... application folder (after taking ownership of the parent folder).

The workarounds that do work are to either: Turn off the Firewall or Change the Default application behavior to Allow within the Bitdefender firewall settings. Neither is really an acceptable long term solution as you can imagine.

I believe similar issues with Flight Sim 2020 can be found within this forum and I guess there is a good chance you are aware of this or similar issues. Anecdotally I believe I've had similar issues with State of Decay 2 Juggernaut Edition (also a Windows Store app) within the last 12 months but cannot confirm this as no investigation was undertaken.

Hopefully you can address this in one of your regular updates.

Thanks for your time.