Is Hydra.exe supposed to be running on my computer with VPN Premium??

Did a little system exploring today, and noticed that a program labeled as hydra.exe was eating up all the data it could from my laptop/VPN connection...did some searches and found that it COULD be a legitimate program that's needed for the VPN to function properly...or it could be a Virus and I should just burn my

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    Hello @LucifersBeard and welcome to the Community!

    That is the VPN driver and a legit process that allows Bitdefender VPN functionality.


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  • Hello,
    I have the same problem. I have a 4G connection and I see that over the last 30 days Hydra.exe has used 150GB! And yet, I'm not connected with it all the time and I don't download much. I saw that BitdefenderVPN uses this process. How can it be that it uses so much data?
  • Hello @Quadrifolium,

    Even if you are not downloading anything, a VPN still reroutes all traffic through it. Browsing, streaming, listening to music, reading the news or playing an online game, that all adds up to Internet traffic. Even background Internet activity like receiving e-mails and messages still counts as Internet usage, so 150 GB is not disconcerting if you always have the VPN on.

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  • Hi, Alexandru, I have daily checked the traffic per application those last days and it seems to fit. So many datas everyday! Amazing! Thanks for answer.
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  • Hi there,

    Completely new to using the BD VPN and noticed a similar amount of data usage over the last few days. My question is - would the data usage be the same with the VPN turned off, just allocated to other programs? Or is it just the VPN itself racking up those numbers? It's particularly important for me since I recently moved to a place with lousy connectivity, and my monthly allowance will be about 50GB. Staying at a hotel at the moment and wanted to see how much data I've used over the last week and was shocked to see it was over 37GB, with hydra accounting for over 36GBs.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Hello @MDKin and welcome to the Community!

    The VPN does not allocate traffic to other programs and data usage should be the same with the VPN turned off.


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  • Is this acceptable to you? At the rate it is using data, I will pay an additional $50 a month. Is there a way to disengage it or prevent it from using so much data? I have had Bitdefender VPN for well over a year and it seems to have shot my data usage up the last 3 months.

  • Hydra.exe is the biggest user of data on my PC.

  • Hello @Brent21,

    Bitdefender delivers optimal performance and an expanded feature set on the Hydra Catapult protocol.

    A VPN protocol is a set of rules that determine how data is packaged and transferred between your device and the VPN server. Some devices support most protocols, while others are more restrictive. Bitdefender VPN lets you switch protocols, allowing you to choose from OpenVPN (UDP and TCP), IPsec, and Hydra. By default, Bitdefender VPN is configured to automatically select the optimal protocol for your device and network – usually a balance of speed and security.

    However, some protocols are faster than others and some networks restrict the speed of certain protocols. For a faster connection, you can try changing the protocol in Bitdefender VPN’s settings until you identify the fastest option.

    • IPSec – iOS only: Fast and secure, but your iPhone and iPad battery drains much faster.
    • Hydra Catapult – available on iOS & Android: Fastest VPN protocol with bank-grade security.
    • OpenVPN UDP – Android only: Fast and efficient, but could sometimes skip data packets.
    • OpenVPN TCP – Android only: A bit slower, but delivers your data entirely and in the correct order. More reliable than OpenVPN UDP.

    I hope the information is useful.



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    Additionally, since Bitdefender VPN follows the engine of Hotspot Shield, you can find more information from Hotspot Shield themselves by checking out the below-stated link:

    Information from Bitdefender end can be found in below stated link


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