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Brightness of PC Changing Regularly


I am writing this post to provide my feedback for the Bitdefender Antivirus. I have an active subscription of Bitdefender Total Security and have been using it for around a month. The brightness of my laptop (Lenovo Ideapad 300) had been changing often and it was very inconvenient for my eyes. Initially, I thought that one of my display drivers must be malfunctioning and the next few days went into upgrading, downgrading, installing and uninstalling my display drivers. But the problem was not resolved. Later, I figured out that the "Profiles" feature in Bitdefender was responsible for the change in brightness and was causing the problem. I disabled that feature and everything became alright.

In my opinion, changing brightness using "Profiles" feature is not a good idea as it seems quite inconvenient for the user (at least for me). And if still the brightness needs to be changed, I think it would be a good idea to inform the user somewhere that "Profiles" would change the screen brightness as it seems counter-intuitive for a general user that his/her antivirus may be responsible for that. This may cause inconvenience for many users.


  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @Saksham,

    Thank you for reaching out.

    Could you please tell us, what profile were you using? Which feature was disabled? For example, the Battery Mode profile is specially designed for laptop and tablet users and its purpose is to minimize both system and Bitdefender’s impact on power consumption when the battery charge level is lower than the default one or the one you select.

    Bitdefender automatically switches to Battery Mode when the battery charge level drops below 30%. Likewise, Bitdefender automatically exits Battery Mode when it detects that the laptop is no longer running on a low battery. The following product settings are applied by default when Bitdefender operates in the Battery Mode profile:

    • Bitdefender Automatic Update is postponed.

    • Scheduled scans are postponed.

    • Security Widget is turned off.

    However, this should not affect the brightness intensity.

    If you are using a device operating on Windows 10, for example, when Battery Saver mode is active, the screen instantly dims.

    Best regards.

    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user

  • Saksham

    Hello @Alexandru_BD

    Thank you for the reply! In the Bitdefender Total Security, under utilities section, there is a feature named as "Profiles" which says, "Activate the right profile based on your activity or running apps". I had activated the automatic profiles there. I am attaching a screenshot of this feature below so that it is easier to understand.

    I think what was happening was that based on the work I was doing on my laptop, Bitdefender was automatically switching between different profiles like the work profile, movie profile etc. and during this process, it was automatically adjusting the screen brightness because it was feeling that for different activities, different brightness was needed (like while watching videos, brightness would sometimes increase). I think this automatic change of the screen brightness is inconvenient for the user.

    I am using Windows 10 but I am not talking about the battery saver mode or the dimming of screen due to low battery. The change of brightness used to happen even when my laptop was fully charged and still connected to the power supply. My battery mode in Profiles was disabled too.

    I hope this gives more details about the issue. Thank you!

  • Thank You @Saksham,

    I've had the same problem for over a month now and it's now resolved.

  • HB

    Add to this, despite disabling automatic profile activation, my laptop (Legion Y540) always starts in Movie profile with full brightness on a fresh boot / restart.

    I have also disabled the "Adjust power plan settings" for every configurable profile. It still gets automatically activated on a fresh boot. This has been happening for over a month now and is very irritating now.

    Please look into the issue and resolve it.

    P.S. - I have been happy with the software for serving its basic purpose of being a "Defender", but these additional features need some refinement.

  • Gjoksi
    edited August 2022



    A month ago, i accidentally activated/enabled the Game Profile. I did everything, but nothing helped, the Game Profile was still activated/enabled. Unfortunately, i had to uninstall / reinstall the Bitdefender Total Security program and that solved the issue, since then the Game Profile is not activated/enabled.

    So, you can do Step 1 and try if that solves the issue.

    Or you can skip directly to Step 2 and believe me the issue will be solved.

    -- STEP 1 --

    Repair Bitdefender, by following these steps:

    -- STEP 2 --

    If the instructions from Step 1 didn't help, uninstall the Bitdefender program using the Uninstall Tool.

    For Bitdefender Paid version click here:

    For Bitdefender Trial version click here:

    It will completely remove the program.

    Next, reinstall Bitdefender from your Bitdefender Central account and see if the issue has been solved, as reinstalling the program usually solves the issues.

    -- STEP 3 --

    If the instructions from Step 2 didn't help, follow the instructions in this step.

    First, take screenshot(s) of the issue

    and create a log file on your Windows device using Bitdefender Support Tool, by following these steps:

    Next, contact Bitdefender Consumer Support by e-mail:

    with short description of the issue.

    After that, you will get an automated reply by the Bitdefender Customer Care Team, with your ticket number.

    Now, in reply to that automated reply, you can send the screenshot(s) you already took and the log file you already created in the first step.

    Since you are all done, just wait for the support engineers to investigate your issue and find a solution to fix the issue.

    Remember that the screenshot(s) and the log file will help a lot to the support engineers for better and faster investigation on your issue and finding a solution.


  • Alexandru_BD


    @HB has this been resolved for you after following the repair instructions?


    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user