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How to move your passwords from Kaspersky to Bitdefender Password Manager


This article will guide you stepwise to switch from Kaspersky Password Manager to Bitdefender Password Manager. We will show you how to export passwords from Kaspersky and import them into Bitdefender Password Manager. Bitdefender can import data seamlessly from a multitude of password managers in various formats. Kaspersky Password Manager is not currently supported, so you will have to go through two additional steps to move your Kaspersky accounts to Bitdefender Password Manager.

Click on the article below for detailed steps to follow:

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  • BernieK

    You didn't really think this advice through did you?

    So export the passwords as text. -fine

    Use libreoffice, excel etc to convert to CSV - fine but remember to delete all the text files, temp files after you get the passwords into bitdefender, or you can just leave them lying around in plain text.

    What is the actual format that Bitdefender imports? (you see I have tried to do this and it is not easy)

    What happens with passwords that contain commas?🙄

    Use an online service to convert to csv - what you should say is use a SECURE online service and one you are certain wont copy your files for data mining -These are your website logins & passwords. Just don't do this!🤐

  • Hi BernieK,

    I'm contemplating moving from Kaspersky Total Security to Bitdefender, and I must include both Password Manager and unlimited VPN. I'm afraid the migration for the Password Manager might not work flawlessly, or I may encounter issues not knowing how the Bitdefender product works (password manager and Internet Security package). How big of a hassle did you experience migrating Kaspersky to Bitdefender? Thank you for your reply.

    Best regards,


  • Scott
    Scott Defender of the month mod

    Hi again, @miflori :)

    Just so you know, you would need to purchase Bitdefender Premium Security in order to get Password Manager and VPN Premium Unlimited. BD Total Security does not come with Password Manager, and the VPN that does come with it is the limited 200MB a day version. Total Security will work on multiple device platforms. BD Internet Security is just for Windows.

    Here is a link to help you compare products. They do offer 30-day trials for most of the products, but not PM or VPN, but all products have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    As far as importing Kaspersky into Password Manager, I was thankful I had about 90% of my passwords in LastPass and was able to export them as a .csv file and import them easily into BD PM. (I also still use KPM)

    One member mentioned importing Kaspersky text into Bitwarden, then exporting those into a .csv file and deleting that free account after the BD PM import.

    See also:

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  • Hi Scott,

    Thank you very much for your added reply! I tried the method listed at the top of this chain. I exported my passwords into a text file. When I opened it in excel it turned into a very long, 1 column wide, list of data comprised of 5 lines of data re 1 password, followed by the next etc. I was unable to modify the excel file to list 5 columns plus header (or modify it at all, for that matter).

    The second method suggests I download an unknown (to me) product to enable me to move it into excel to then move it into Bitdefender. I attempted that and it didn't work for me.

    How easy is it to use BD Password Manager? I may have to enter passwords manually when needed.

    Best regards,

  • Scott
    Scott Defender of the month mod

    Hi again, Michael :)

    You probably saw I answered part of your question here, the last paragraph.

    But just to follow up so you can see how to enter in passwords into PM, I posted the below images and a gif. The 3rd image gives you an idea of the size of the PM workspace on my notebook.

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  • The instructions for moving passwords from Kaspersky to BitDefender are a pile of mince. I have been writing code and using csv files for 40 years. Anyone coming to BitDefender without any knowledge of this topic would be well baffled. Why don't you do the job properly and provide an import program to do this? I have signed up for a three months trial and am now wondering if I want to waste any more time on this. I suspect not!