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The Expert Community is the ultimate place where you can meet the people who develop powerful, innovative technologies that have won multiple awards from the most trusted independent testing labs in the industry.

The Q&A series continues with our next special guest that will answer your questions. Bitdefender's IoT Security Director for Consumer Solutions, Dan Berte is joining the Community!

Dan works in Innovation and IoT at Bitdefender, in the heart of Silicon Valley.

In his prior endeavors, he lead the design and product engineering & experience at Bitdefender. His team designed, engineered, built and shipped Bitdefender BOX, a revolutionary device that protects all devices in the smart home. Prior to Bitdefender, Dan founded the first free WiFi hotspot network in Europe. He holds a B.Sc. degree in Economics and is Tech & Innovation Adjunct Professor at the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest.

Do you want to know what the future holds for connected homes? Or how the threat landscape changed during the pandemic? What about the most popular IoT devices and their usage? Do you know what are the most vulnerable devices in your home? Interested in cybersecurity and predictions for 2022? What are the best ways to secure your network? And a question that's on everyone's lips: what will happen to BOX?

Now it's your chance to ask Dan anything and you can post your questions in the comments below. The thread is here to stay until April, so all members can engage. We'll collect the questions and when the event ends, Dan will post a video in which he will provide his answers to you.

Let the questions flow!


  • You look wonderful Dan. Only little thing I need is a way to get hold of any activation code I never received. Around and around the mulberry bush for hours, lost in Bitdefender's maze of how to do things but none of them work.

  • Hi Dan,

    I would like to completely remove all bit defender products from my system including file vaults, wallets and password manager vaults.

    I currently have Total Security and Password Manager trial. (I think!)

    Any advice on how to go about this would be greatly appreciated.



  • Hello @LindaG and @Oldjim,

    I would recommend contacting the Support Teams, as the answers you are looking for cannot be provided by Dan.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Stay safe.

  • Gjoksi
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    alex, you forgot to provide a link to the consumer (technical) support...

    anyway, here is the link:

  • Thank you @Gjoksi79_ 😊

  • I believe there’s a bug with the bitdefender app for the bitdefender Box 2 as when I try to change some settings I keep getting the warning that I’m not connected to the bitdefender box and can’t change the settings ( in this case enable ipv6 ). Your customer support link is diabolical as this situation isn’t mentioned anywhere yet there’s no way to contact anyone either by email or by chat; it’s like you don’t want people to fix their issues unless they do it through the help already written not considering that new issues might arise. You need to be more approachable. I’ve been a bitdefender box 2 user for three years and never had this issue before until the last app update so it’s definitely a BUG ! And no I don’t have a vpn setup, I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I tried everything I could think of.

  • Gauthey
    Gauthey ✭✭✭


    Thank you in advance for your trust in the members of your community.

    What would be the next developments for example to defend and protect web infrastructure

    Let me explain I have a web infrastructure with dedicated server based on Cpanel, the goal will be that Bitdefender defends and protects a Cpanel server against any threat is this possible in the future?"

  • jessi59
    jessi59 ✭✭✭ suis très sceptique quant à l'utilité de cette box que j'utilise depuis 3 ans...d'abord sa configuration avec un smartphone est des plus confuse! procédure n'est pas totalement aboutie...à la fin au moment de la désactivation du wifi de l'opérateur vous avez oublié le plus important sa Livebox...quant à ses fonctions je doute...à part répertorier le nombre d'appareils affublès de sobriquets qui n'ont ni queue ni tête, comme par exemple "Polaroid" pour un smartphone Wiko, c'est du grand n'importe quoi! la sécurité avec cette soit disant IoT (intelligence artificielle)??? que sécurise t'elle exactement??? je n'en sais toujours rien! j'en suis encore à me demander en quoi une radio connectée qui ne diffuse que de la musique est vulnérable???...on aimerait en savoir un peu pense que cette box n'est finalement qu'un gadget marketting servant à vendre du Total Security sans en avoir l' suis assez déçu.....😒

  • Dan, I really like the Bitdefender box 2 and the security it provides. I recently had to create a mesh network in my home to get better coverage for both upstairs and downstairs using an ASUS router as a mesh router and another ASUS device as a mesh node. I got really great coverage, but I could not figure how to integrate the Bitdefender box 2 into the mesh network to provide firewall protection. Do you have any information that could help me?

  • Triplecheeseburger
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  • I've spent an hour after purchase trying to download. Finally figured it out but this is easy with other anti-virus. Proper instructions and a direct link would be appreciated.

  • Hello @Heil7134,

    If you are referring to Total Security, we do have supporting documentation available, apart from the user guide displayed on the product page. You may find useful articles in the dedicated Support section here.

    For complete installation steps, check the article below:

    To install protection on other devices and benefit from all the slots available in your subscription, check the following article:

    Best regards.

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    Hello everyone,

    A warm thank you to all participants for your thoughtful and interesting questions!

    Here it is, check Dan Berte’s video to get your answers and stay tuned for more exclusive content in the Community:

    Best regards.

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