Log In To Central Redirects Back To Login Page

I have tried signing in from multiple devices, but it might be centrals compatibility to google chrome browser. every time I try to sign in, I just get redirected back to sign in with no prompt that I imputed incorrectly.


  • Scott
    Scott Defender of the month mod
    edited March 2022

    Hi DragoDBlack :)

    "From multiple devices", that makes it interesting.

    I pretty much exclusively use the Chrome browser on all of my devices and have yet had this happen to me.

    I logged into Central on my Notebook, PC, and Tablet without any problem. I even disabled Password Manager just to make sure it wasn't helping things along, and manually entered in the email and password prompts without any problem. Have you tried clearing Chrome's browsing data, cache, cookies, etc on one of your devices, just to see if that helps?

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  • DragoDBlack
    edited April 2022

    i just tried to sign in and it's doing it again. i talked to support chat and when they had me resign into the app again it said "unable to connect to server"...so now i'm SOL again...