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Alert Mode switching itself off.



I've had this problem for a number of years with Bit Defender and I can't seem to find a solution on the internet.

I switch 'Alert Mode' on, so that every time an application tries to connect to the internet, a pop-up appears and I can then choose whether I want it to connect to the internet or not.

The problem is, it keeps switching itself back off, without my input - and I am having to then delete every saved rule to make sure it hasn't let something through that I don't want.

It's so annoying that I'm not going to renew my subscription when it's due, so please could someone help.


  • Mike_BD
    Mike_BD admin
    edited May 2022

    Hello @Chris_Munday and welcome to our Community!

    This feature has evolved in time and we had some glitches with it recently. But, as far as we know, latest releases have fixed it. More on this topic here:

    IF you're up-to-date with your machine's OS and the Bitdefender solution and still Alert Mode switches off, then it's probably a case for our engineering team and I'm kindly asking of you to contact them via:

    Stay safe,


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  • Whatandwhy

    With reference to Mike_BD's post on May 9. I recently contacted support about this and was told to reinstall Bitdefender. I have replied saying that as it is happening on 2 computers I don't think this is the answer and asking for it to be sent 'up the line'. It seems the problem hasn't been fixed, or if it has, those on the help desk aren't aware of what users need to do to make sure it works consistently.

    I agree with the other poster: if it isn't fixed I won't be renewing with Bitdefender when my subscription comes up for renewal.

  • Gjoksi



    Uninstall the Bitdefender program using the Uninstall Tool:

    It will completely remove the program.

    Next, reinstall Bitdefender from your Bitdefender Central account and see if the issue has been resolved, as reinstalling the program usually solves the issues.


  • Chris_Munday

    Back again

    Support gave me a download link and it fixed the issue. However, I had to do a complete re-install on my PC a few weeks ago and the issue has come back - 2 years later...

    Why has this STILL not been fixed?

  • [Deleted User]
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    edited January 27

    @Chris_Munday ,

    Why has this STILL not been fixed?

    May I respectfully submit for your consideration that the issue was fixed, if it even needed fixing?

    A reinstallation of Bitdefender that resolves an issue most likely indicates that the previous installation was corrupted, not that there was a defect in the program itself. The fact that you had no issues for two years until you again did a reinstallation tends to confirm that hypothesis . . .

    There are many reasons for any BD installation to be less than fully successful or to subsequently exhibit unintended problems due to issues unrelated to the BD product. Often, it has to do with some aspect of the user's unique computer configuration.

    If this were a widespread problem, the Forums would be awash in complaints. Bitdefender has an installed user base of 5,000,000 users as of July 2023.

    That said, I have found one recent report of this anomaly. You can find the response of @Alexandru_BD , the Forum Administrator, to that complaint here:

    You can always contact Bitdefender Support and supply any requested logs.

    Telephone support is not free. You can email them, or you can open a Chat, which is the fastest way to obtain assistance with your BD product.

    I hope this was helpful. Have a great day.



  • Chris_Munday
    edited January 28

    Hello Phil,

    I performed a clean reinstall of bit defender and the issue persists.

    The problem first occurred on my old Windows 10 PC and now it's reoccurring on my fresh built Windows 11 PC.

    Respectfully, no matter what the user's PC configuration, nothing should be changing user-specified security settings apart from the user. Having things connecting to the internet without my authorisation is a security breach. The software is not fit for purpose when it does this.

    Whilst writing, alert mode has switched itself off again. It will only remain on if I keep the programme open and not minimised to the system tray, same as it did the first time.

    I will get onto support again as you advise.



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  • Flexx

    Since the issue is persisting, kindly contact Bitdefender support by visiting

    Depending on the product you've selected and the type of issue you're facing, you can get in touch with a support representative via email, chat, or phone.

    If you choose email, you will receive a ticket number in your registered email. Kindly generate and attach the following logs to the ticket number you received on your registered email:

    Generate Bitdefender BDsysLog:

    Generate Bitdefender Support Tool Log:

    Generate Bitdefender Connectivity Log:

    If the generated logs are larger than 25 MB, which is the attachment limit for most email vendors, you can upload the logs to and share the link with the support team.  


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  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @Chris_Munday,

    Just to clarify things here: having things connecting to the internet without my authorisation is a security breach. The software is not fit for purpose when it does this. - By default, the firewall keeps track of connection attempts and decides which to allow and which to block. It will still block any malware from connecting and other connections based on its default rules. This means the firewall will continue to operate as designed, even if you are not alerted each time an app tries to connect to the internet.

    The firewall uses a set of rules to filter data transmitted to and from your system. It automatically creates a rule whenever an app tries to access the internet. As a safety measure, you will be notified each time a potentially malicious app is blocked from accessing the internet and you can also check the Application Access tab that shows the last 15 firewall rules added for applications that have recently accessed the Internet.

    Furthermore, depending on the network type, the firewall protection is set to the appropriate level for each connection. It is only when you disable the firewall completely that you may be at risk.

    Anyway, like garioch said, if it worked for you for so long and now something happened and it doesn't work as expected anymore, this doesn't necessarily indicate a widespread issue, otherwise everyone would be swamped in complaints. The behavior should be addressed on a case-per-case basis, because the root causes may vary.


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  • Marchen

    It is now March 2024 and this issue has not been fixed! Reinstalling Bitdefender DOES NOT HELP.

    This has been happening to me as well for years on different computers at random times. Lately it happened 2 times in 1 week. I have a feeling it may be triggered by Bitdefender's own updates.

    It is a security risk regardless of the pre-existing rules. If I run a new program which I do not want to connect to the internet, I expect to get the notification about connecting and press BLOCK. Instead, I have to constantly be on edge expecting that the firewall alerts will be OFF and it will just allow any new software to connect automatically by default. It is clearly happening to many people and it seems that the developers are not bothered by it!

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Marchen ,

    This issue is being actively investigated. There are multiple posts on the problem in this particular Forum. Yesterday, @Alexandru_BD , the Forum Administrator, provided updates to some of those topics.

    He must have missed this topic. The developers are bothered by this issue and are working diligently to fix it with a future update. We have to be patient.

    Have a great day.



  • Fubert

    I am having the same issue and I have to agree, this is not acceptable and I most certainly will be looking into more reliable firewall solutions.

    If the software becomes so easily corrupted that only a fresh reinstall can 'fix' it, that's also a serious issue.

    Of those 5 million users, how many actually use alert mode and how many know there's a problem, since you only notice when installing new software? While looking into this issue I have come across many post on various platforms, going back several years now.... it's a real issue.

  • Chris_Munday


    If I set Alert Mode on and the firewall decides of its own accord to switch it off without informing me and then lets programs/apps connect to the internet without my say so, that is a security breach, whether or not the firewall keeps connection logs.

    You mentioned "the firewall keeps track of connection attempts and decides which to allow and which to block". If I switch alert mode on, I intend to move that decision-making power from the firewall to me. If the programme then decides of its own accord to switch alert mode off and thus override me without my authorisation... ☝🏻

    You mentioned "the firewall will continue to work as designed even if you are not alerted each time an app tries to connect to the internet." Clearly, the firewall is not working "as designed", as it's allowing programmes to connect to the internet without my say so.

    You mentioned "this doesn't necessarily indicate a widespread issue, otherwise everyone would be swamped in complaints". A simple search of this forum will reveal it's a widespread issue that's been left unfixed for years in the programme.

    I know you're trying to help but it's not helpful to tell someone it's all ok when there's clearly an issue. And look what I just found...

  • Chris_Munday

    Thank you! You're not alone, there's quite a few other people who have had the same issue.

  • Chris_Munday

    Thanks Phil,

    Glad this is finally being looked into after years!


  • Alexandru_BD


    As per my previous comments on the related threads, while reports concerning a similar issue can be found on the forum and that happened a long time ago, the new issue we are facing is completely unrelated, as that one was fixed at the time it was reported and this one surfaced after a recent update, as it can be noticed that fresh reports emerged at the beginning of March.

    Please refrain from reviving older discussions from two years ago, because the new Alert Mode issue is unrelated to these reports and troubleshooting steps that were posted at that time may not apply in the present.

    Thank you.

    I have closed this thread and we can continue the discussion here:



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