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How to manually shred or quarantine adware file?


I was recently dumb enough to fall for a popup virus on Microsoft Edge. I was redirected to a website called & there was a popup asking me to click "allow" access to "confirm you're not a robot." Then I started getting a bunch of fake antivirus notifications for McAfee & Norton, which I don't even have.

Bitdefender doesn't detect it as a threat in scans. I was able to locate the file on my computer, but am unable to delete it. I tried using the Bitdefender File Shredder, but it just gives an error saying, "Unable to delete file: you need permission to perform this action."

I was able to stop the annoying pop-up notifications by blocking it on Microsoft Edge settings, but is there a way to get rid of the file completely? Or at least have Bitdefender quarantine it?