Question regarding bitdefender privacy module

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What is the "display notification based on bitdefender user's choice" which can be found under Privacy>video and audio protection>settings.


  • Hello @sabertoothsl and welcome to the Community.

    In a similar fashion as Webcam protection, where you can set application permissions based on community choice, you can configure the notifications for Microphone monitor to be displayed based on Bitdefender users' choice.

    If the majority of Bitdefender users consider a popular app as being harmless, then its access to the webcam will be automatically set on Allow. If a popular app is considered dangerous by the many, then its access will be automatically set on Blocked. You will be informed each time one of your installed apps will be listed as blocked by the majority of Bitdefender users.

    To view what the Bitdefender users have chosen to do with the selected app, look for the icon displayed below:

    I hope the information is helpful.

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