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  • I never said it ‘offended’ me. I found it inappropriate to champion telling a customer to upgrade their system because the BD client is a resource hog.

    The advice that BD cant run properly on an older system may well be true. But this is something that should be handled with tact, not a meme. As an admin, I would have expected better.

    How about posting what the minimum resource BD recommends is? How about posting what settings the customer might be able to turn down/off to speed up the client?

    The relentless march everyone has to follow of constantly upgrading their hardware to keep match with lazy programming, is not something only BD is responsible for. But please have some tact when dealing with customers. If I was the one posting that my system was struggling, I may have been offended.

    For me this highlights, yet another flaw in the way BD deals with issues: Because BD has a free client, it seems that many of the BD staff forget there are actually paying customers on this forum as well.

    What if you have hardware that cant be upgraded for a specific reason? BD doesn’t want you as their customer it seems. This is fine of course. Maybe post a gif of a door slamming in someone's face next time someone posts that your client wont run properly for them and we can all have a laugh about it? ...

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    @Ironbuket let's agree to disagree on some of the points you've made. This is a community, not a press conference and our intent is to be transparent, authentic and always open to hear the Voice of Customer. Anything besides swearing and spam is allowed. We want your unfiltered opinion(s).

    We are aware and assumed that in some cases this might be interpreted as a positive, in some cases as a negative. We take that as well.

    To finger point Bitdefender as a software which increasingly asks for resources, without taking into account that basically the whole telecom and IT industry is leading this and it's actually a part of the technological progress...seems tendentious to me.

    I followed closely your threads, posts, discussions with @camarie . Alexandru and myself often discuss upon your experience with our products. Your opinions and suggestions have been repeatedly transmitted further in our teams.

    I just want to ask you this: what other company (in any domain) has ever communicated with you, or any of your friends or relatives, in the way we did?


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    I Agree. I haven't had my coffee yet, so maybe I shouldn't be posting this, but, the issue has been reported and explained by ironbucket and addressed by camarie and the rest of Bitdefender engineers and Admins. more than I've ever seen on a forum. If there was ever a thread I now wish I had the ability to set an Ignore option with, it would be this one. Can it be closed, so that we can all "breathe in, breath out, and move on"?

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  • I hadn’t thought about this, but YES I agree with you that I also sometimes feel uneasy on these forums. I haven’t bothered to look into this deeply, so maybe I am wrong in thinking that these forums are the official forums and staffed by employees of BD?

    I can understand this kind of behaviour on an open-source free project or with volunteer admins. Which is the case here, are the admins actually employed by BD? If not it would explain a lot and then probably my criticism was a bit harsh.

    However, this is not a free product for many of the people on these forums – or is this something coming soon we have not yet been made aware of? Will BD move to an open-source free (FULL) client for all soon? If not, maybe BD should consider that a laid back jokey loose style of interaction has the potential to rub some paying customers the wrong way if inserted in the wrong places.

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  • Hello @Ironbuket,

    This is the official Bitdefender Community and it was migrated from the previous forum. We are two admins on this page, myself and @Mike_BD. We are both Bitdefender full-time employees and we have embarked on a journey to build, manage and further develop this environment for the Bitdefender users. The moderators are trusted and very dedicated members that share their knowledge and help others on their own time. They are experienced and passionate Bitdefender users, who post in the forum, but also moderate content when necessary.

    This is not only a support forum. Even if most of the discussions here are support-related, it goes beyond that. It encourages the users and cybersecurity enthusiasts to socialize, participate in meaningful conversations and share their feedback and recommendations regarding the products they use. From the ideation area, but also from the user's experiences, the product teams gather valuable information on usage, functionality and discover areas of improvement and all this knowledge is further used in the development and adjustment of products and services The forum is also meant to bring the users closer to the people behind the Bitdefender products and through our Q&A sessions, we invite the users to connect with members of our internal teams and ask any questions they may have. The forum is also a valuable resource of information, tips&tricks, insights and offers useful troubleshooting articles, some of which are created by the users for the users. Regardless of the products our members use, free or paid, they are welcome on these pages and we will always treat them with the same care, attention, respect and interest.

    As @lechiffre said in this post above, you have been very helpful and provided our engineers and development teams with valuable feedback and suggestions for which we are very grateful indeed. With your help and also the contribution of others that took their time to write to us and share their experience and findings, we were able to find the areas of improvement and come up with a fix.

    Of course, we welcome criticism of all sorts and we are firm believers that constructive feedback can help us become better. I am sorry to hear that you've felt this way on our forums and I am a bit surprised by this, because so far we have received a lot of positive feedback from our members (strictly related to the activity here and not necessary issues or support-related inquiries, but the overall looks of these forums). There have been several occassions on which we have made adjustments in the community structure and layout based on our users's feedback and we are again grateful for that. But we have to remember that this is a forum after all, and it's part of the forum culture, which means that you will not only encounter members that express themselves in writing, but also members that use pictures, gifs, memes and the lot. And it does add a bit of salt and pepper to what we do here.

    I also think that this thread has been concluded and if you wish to start a new conversation on different topics, you are welcome to open a new discussion, or even write to us in private, if you wish to do so.

    Again, thank you for your valuable contribution and for being an active member of this community.

    Best regards,


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