False Positive Or False Negative?

Hello Bitdefender team , I want to share a concern with you, I am a gamer who enjoyed having good fps and low ms in the game and I decided to get 1 scriptt, which somehow cleans windows 10, it starts well but half way stops and blocks it from Bitdefender Antivirus I would like to know from you whether this file is safe or not !

can someone test and others scriptt from this guy its safe or no !

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    Only the malware researchers at Bitdefender Labs can help you with the issue.

    You should report the file/s and/or the URL/s as false positive (if your Bitdefender program detected the file/s and/or the URL/s as malware) or false negative (if your Bitdefender program did not detect the file/s and/or the URL/s as malware) to Bitdefender Labs here:


  • Flexx
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    As checked, the script seems to be safe and even virustotal also reveals no detection by any vendor based on signature based detection. It seems like the behaviour blocker/ advanced threat defense of bitdefender kicked in while you were executing the script/ program.

    Follow steps provided by @Gjoksi above for further process on reporting the file to malware researchers and getting it rechecked.


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  • Thank you for respond, sorry for the mistake on my part because I didn't read the rules, also a special thank you goes to you @Flexx amazing guy !