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Why does my activation code not work?

Fatima_Hss Fatima
edited April 10 in Central & Subscriptions

I've received my activation code but it doesn't work :( I've tried many times but still nothing.


  • Nunzio77
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    Hi @Fatima_Hss are you referring to the free version?

    The free version does not need any activation code.

    Just download the setup file, install it and register an account.

    Nunzio ·

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  • Hello @Fatima_Hss,

    If you have received an activation code and it doesn't work, then perhaps this thread should be moved to a different category, since it's no longer related to the free version. I will do that for you, but first we would require more information.

    I could not locate your order, did you make a purchase and if yes, from where? You can check the below article for the most common errors encountered during activation and let us know what product you have and what error message is being displayed, if any. Alternatively, you can also send me a PM with the activation code and I can check.



  • Hello @Alexandru_BD,

    Thank you very much! It really helped me a lot but now after I checked my account, I saw that my Bitdefender total securaty has been cancelled.

    Kind regards,


  • Hi @Fatima_Hss,

    As discussed privately, the message has to do with the fact that the automatic renewal feature has been canceled for your subscription. This does not disable the ongoing protection that is still available until the license expiration date in 2024.

    Kindly refer to the open ticket for more information, as our representatives have recently replied to you there. Apparently, your email address has been misspelled.