Real-time Protection


I'm trying to play Farming Simulator 22 on Steam and it throws an error code. It says "Error: Can't read profile path." The way to fix this is by going into Windows security and adding the Farming Simulator 22 files into the “Control folder access”. But in order to do this you need Windows security real-time protection. However, I can’t use this because it says I use other antivirus providers (Bitdefender). I tried fixing this issue on Bitdefender by going into the antivirus settings and creating an exception, but nothing worked. Please help me if you can.


  • Hello @Gavinm06,

    I'm unsure if this behavior is really caused by the antivirus, but there's only one workaround I can think of. Uninstall Bitdefender, add the files into the Control folder access, then reinstall Bitdefender and see how it goes. In the event the game is blocked afterwards, you can temporarily disable the security modules one by one and launch the game after each deactivation, to find the culprit module. You can find the steps on how to do this here:

    Then I guess it's a matter of adding the right exceptions for the game and see if that works.


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