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What can I do everything is compromised ?

edited November 2023 in Security Research Team

some might think I’m crazy. I don’t even know anymore. Everything from my home network. Devices everything has been taken over. Let’s start with gmail and iCloud. Mcfee found 39 breaches between two emails. I have gotten spam calendar invites. And I responded who’s this to a couple texts. Well my gmail Google account has all my passwords. I have found unknown androids on my account. I still get prompts to a device that was stolen that google dosent allow me to remove unless i have the phone. When I manage my Google account at times the Google pages go from dark mode to light mode for no reason. And then I’m given different sign in options depending on the mode. Sometimes I’m asked for 2 factor identification from the Google authentication app. Other times I’m just let in with Face ID. Or I’m asked to put in. A password that is never the one saved. Then I’m told my account has be locked on for a certain amount hours and I’ll get a email to recover my account but then mode will change and I can still access it till I try to look at something important like what devices are logged in never fails. iCloud I have missing pictures and videos since everything is on the cloud. I have saved files that can’t be open and just appear out of nowhere. Missing files that dissapear. My Vivint system also has other devices logged in when I look for when was the last I logged in it was a month before I change the password still get missing videos or the system doing something that it’s not supposed to do like not recording videos or playback features not working. Videos missing PIN code being changed. Those screen shots also magically disappear. Had to get rid of all the cameras just left doorbell. It still messes up. Got ip cameras. They run two minutes behind the resolution constantly gets changed so the resolution is bad and you can’t see. Other users. My isp modem I can’t access the the admin page. I talk to the provider they wanted to disable my firewall and said that’s why. Even though the firewall had been activated and worked fine before. Lost access to asus router app and admin page. App says some bull about allowing local network I allow still don’t. Says after iOS update 14 it has to be done. I installed the router when it was iOS 16 and it was working just fine. My laptop I’ve erased it and fresh installed it a dozen times. It ereases the hard drive with nothing on it instead of deleting the one with windows on it. Comes back with files from 2019. Gives me no option to delete that drive. Get all kinds of apps that I didn’t download showing up. Finally bought this premium Bitdefender. The app doesn’t let me enable the scam calendar thing. Had a ticket put in. App shows my laptop has vulnerable app. Click the report there’s nothing there but it keeps showing up every scan. Another ticket. Antivirus. When it scanning it scans half of folder and leaves half unchecked. When the the scan is happening all kids of files go by from D: drive. That drive has 465GB free of 465GB. I do a manual scan of the drive 21 files scanned 16 skipped. Where did it scan so many files where being scanned. all files are in drive c: . Might of missed some things it’s hard to remember all the things. It’s driven me mad. Its probably why I am the way I am. I go through fazes where I say screw it let have it it is what is. Then there’s times I just go mad trying to stop it. But at this point don’t think I can. So I just don’t know what to do anymore.what would you do? Sorry if I don’t have all the right terms for things I’m not and it guy and pretty much all my web acess get re directed to stuff they want me to see and often false information

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    This is a job for the anti-malware researchers at Bitdefender Labs.

    You should contact Bitdefender Consumer Support by chat, telephone or e-mail:

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    Select: Prevention & Threat Removal -> Windows -> Threat Removal, click on Contact Support in the black box and then click on Chat 24/7.

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  • Well i don’t know if my question was answered. And think if I contact customer support they can’t help with all the other stuff only the Bitdefender stuff. But someone finally believe there’s some sort of truth to this crazy stuff. Thanks

  • Ok thank you I will.