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Hello community!

Today, I would like to address a growing problem on the internet: websites that spread adware, PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) and other intrusive software. Often, these programs enter our systems through deceptive downloads or visits to compromised websites.

It is crucial that we are vigilant and proactive in protecting our devices. One of the most effective measures is blocking access to websites known for spreading this unwanted software. To further increase our security in conjunction with the use of our Bitdefender product, I am providing a step-by-step guide below to block unwanted websites.

On Windows 10//11

1. Click on the start menu (Windows banner)

2. Search for "Notepad" or simply type "notepad.exe"

3. After the application appears, click "Run as administrator"

In Notepad do:

1. Click "File" and then "Open"

2. In the opened window, on the lower right side, select → "All files"

3. Navigate to the following directory → C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc

4. Select the "hosts" file

5. Copy and paste the following code below and save the document

#IPv4 - List of websites known for distributing PUP's, Adware and other annoying programs  www.baixaki.com.br  baixaki.com.br  superdownloads.com.br  www.superdownloads.com.br  superd.com.br  www.superd.com.br  ultradownloads.com.br  www.ultradownloads.com.br  download.com  www.download.com  softpedia.com  www.softpedia.com  softonic.com  www.softonic.com

# IPv6 - List of websites known for distributing PUP's, Adware and other annoying programs

fe80::1%lo0  www.baixaki.com.br

fe80::1%lo0  baixaki.com.br

fe80::1%lo0  superdownloads.com.br

fe80::1%lo0  www.superdownloads.com.br

fe80::1%lo0  superd.com.br

fe80::1%lo0  www.superd.com.br

fe80::1%lo0  ultradownloads.com.br

fe80::1%lo0  www.ultradownloads.com.br

fe80::1%lo0  download.com

fe80::1%lo0  www.download.com

fe80::1%lo0  softpedia.com

fe80::1%lo0  www.softpedia.com

fe80::1%lo0  softonic.com

fe80::1%lo0  www.softonic.com

This is a personal list, feel free to change by famous sites known for distributing adware and other annoying software.

Whenever you want to block a website, just add your domain (with www and without www).




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    Some websites, such as softpedia.com and download.com, are genuine and safe to use. To enhance your online security, using an ad blocker and privacy blocker is sufficient. Personally, I rely on uBlock Origin, Ghostery, Disconnect, AdGuard, Privacy Badger, UltraBlock, AdBlock, Adblock Plus, and AdBlocker Ultimate, with all filters enabled, whether by default or manually. It's worth noting that having too many extensions can slow down your browsing speed. Since I have a high-end PC, the use of multiple ad blockers and privacy blockers does not impact my performance, eliminating the need for a host file.

    If you ever need to add or remove a website from your host file, you can use the software available at https://www.sordum.org/8266/bluelifehosts-editor-v1-5/. This tool allows you to directly manage your host file without the need to open it manually.

    For your browser extensions, uBlock Origin and Ghostery should suffice, as uBlock Origin also blocks potentially unwanted websites. Consequently, there is no need to edit the host file. Keep in mind that adware can come from various websites, so exercise caution, especially with those you are unfamiliar with.


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