Two infected webpages detected and blocked - What steps to take?


Hi all,

On February 24 and March 4, on two different webpages, Bitdefender blocked infected webpages. In both cases, I accessed benign websites. On February 24 accessed a government website, and on March 4 I accessed a benign website that I have used for a very long time prior to having Bitdefender and prior to having the computer on which I run Bitdefender.

The February 24 threat name is: GT:JS.Injected.1.F5F748D2

The March 4 threat name is:  JS:Trojan.Cryxos.13592

I wonder whether I have to take any action since Bitdefender says it has blocked connection. Moreover, nothing appears in my download file for both these dates.

I apologize if this is a simple question. I am very new to computer defense and Bitdefender and want to make sure I protect my computer.

Thank you dearly in advance!

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  • AAS

    Thank you very much for your help Flexx! I took all the above steps and feel much more secure. You also improved my peace of mind. I wonder whether you can help me on one last step.

    In step 5, I reset the hosts file. The instructions instructed me to change the host file that existed to "hosts.old." Now that I have a new hosts file, can I delete the "host.old" file, should I keep it, or is it inconsequential?

    Thank you in advance, and take good care :)

  • Flexx

    Yes, you can delete the old hosts file, but make sure you rename the new host file as hosts only.

    If the name does not gets changed or the old hosts file does not gets deleted in the first place, boot your system in safe mode and do the necessary steps.

    Restart your PC in safe mode. You can follow this guide:

    When you are able to successfully do the required changes in the hosts file, restart your PC in normal mode by unselecting the option to run the system in Safe Mode, then click 'Apply.'


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